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30 December 2012

Cuban Interiors

Cuba was everything I hoped it would be. Evocative, creative and real. It's just what they do.  Old, repaired, cared for and cherished, nothing thrown away, battered and worn.   
Gentle and Beautiful and Bright 
A bar, musicians resting, Antibes Green on the lower part of the wall 
 and Old Ochre lightened with Old White above the green.

A bookshop- it was almost like a theatre set but it was real, I think. 
A surprising mix of zebra 
skin and 
a chandelier with piles of old books, lots of 
pictures  and pampas grass. 
The pink on the walls of this restaurant is like 
but I'd never have thought to 
put yellow with it. 
Same restaurant with an extraordinary bright luminous blue  on the walls . 
I'd like to try this using Provence and Old White mix in one room with lightened Louis Blue in an other so they can be seen together. These two colours are the same tone but very different in character so they are slightly uneasy with each other  which gives it an exotic Cuban feel. 

Hanging pictures is so difficult but this is done brilliantly.
It's a broken grid with wonderful colour on the wall
and in the cloth and the pictures. 

 These are the colours I will try to recreate these rooms with.  I have plans.