27 December 2009

Old Violet

Deep Old Violet with touches of a deep Burgundian Red with Old White around the edges of the drawers for this painted bureau - there's a beautiful rich red inside.
I owe this colour to Gauguin I think.
This comes from my book, 'Creating the French Look' published in 2008 by Cico.


Welcome to Paint & Colour, a blog about my favourite subjects.

From my childhood in Sydney, Australia, there was colour. My Scottish father, probably from a his background of misty greys , soft hues and heather, surrounded himself with strong bright colours in the choice of paintings and fabrics in the home so my family home was filled with colour. 

My Fijian mother's domain was the garden and her green fingers meant there was beautiful coloured flowers, fruit and vegetables in abundance.

The house was filled with prints, with Gauguin one of the painters of choice. His understanding of colour and his tonal sense has always been with me.