30 December 2012

Cuban Interiors

Cuba was everything I hoped it would be. Evocative, creative and real. It's just what they do.  Old, repaired, cared for and cherished, nothing thrown away, battered and worn.   
Gentle and Beautiful and Bright 
A bar, musicians resting, Antibes Green on the lower part of the wall 
 and Old Ochre lightened with Old White above the green.

A bookshop- it was almost like a theatre set but it was real, I think. 
A surprising mix of zebra 
skin and 
a chandelier with piles of old books, lots of 
pictures  and pampas grass. 
The pink on the walls of this restaurant is like 
but I'd never have thought to 
put yellow with it. 
Same restaurant with an extraordinary bright luminous blue  on the walls . 
I'd like to try this using Provence and Old White mix in one room with lightened Louis Blue in an other so they can be seen together. These two colours are the same tone but very different in character so they are slightly uneasy with each other  which gives it an exotic Cuban feel. 

Hanging pictures is so difficult but this is done brilliantly.
It's a broken grid with wonderful colour on the wall
and in the cloth and the pictures. 

 These are the colours I will try to recreate these rooms with.  I have plans.  

15 December 2012

 Work Book Launch!! 
The party was held at my house
We asked Becky of Becky's Kitchen to cater. 
....then we got talking............................
Edible paint pots:
Classical: Olive tapenade with flatbread brushes (Graphite)
Rococo: White bean, roasted garlic and olive oil, swirled with preserved lemon pesto and Parmesan palmier brushes (Country Grey, Cream, Old White)   
Modern: Pea, mint and broad bean, with crisp cavalo nero brushes  (Antibes, Provence)
 Rococo Bibury smoked trout pate, sweet dill vinegared cucumber inside a chicory leaf
Oxford Blue cheese, local poached quince jewels inside a chicory leaf

Rococo Parmesan Palmiers 
Classical Rare roast beef, horseradish cream, Little Salad Co. watercress on a truffle toast 
Wild mushroom pate quenelles on Parmesan toasts 
Modern Rusty Pig smoked black pudding, local cauliflower puree & cranberry sauce

Lavender & Walnut macaroons 

Rustic Ham hock terrine, pickled local kohlrabi and parsley gremolata 
Chunky rosemary oatcakes, Aveton goats’ cheese, seasonal turmeric pickles

Quiet Riot & Asian Black Wakame Samosas,  filled with spiced local beetroot and coconut rice 

Makizushi with a variety of fillings
Cranberry and raspberry profiteroles, dipped with dark chocolate 

http://www.facebook.com/beckyskitchenoxford made and created all the delicious and inspiring palettes 
Sabel Gonzales of Studio Blancohttp://studioblanco.co.uk  
took the photos as we were setting up. 

1 December 2012


My Work Book is a sketch book with 3 pockets for your scraps and cuttings, with notes about colour and style and about my paint.  It's a sort of scrapbook/ sketchbook. It was inspired by Tawnya Norton who has a store called C'est Moi' in Tennessee and she sells my paint. She wrote to me one day;

Good Morning Annie, I was wondering if you ever thought of offering a journal. Something people could take notes in at the workshop and jot down ideas and maybe keep color recipes in that they have created even maybe add a place for photo's. I guess I see it has journal and portfolio combined.

I thought this was a great idea

So that's what I did and this is the result. 
Using drawings of a chair leg, I describe different styles of furniture - this one's Rococo. There's also Modern, Classical, Asian and Rustic. I have suggested which colours could be used historically.
There are three pockets for keeping your fabric swatches, cuttings and samples.
There is stuff about colour theory.
Lots of my stockists will be running workshops on colour too.

There's really nice paper that can take paint.  
This is what Amy Chalmers, another of my stockists, of Maison Decor in Boston did in some of her pages!

The Annie Sloan Work Book is only available from my stockists. 


PS.  When you get your book, start working with it then photograph it and post your pictures on your Pinterest board. Call your board 'Annie Sloan Work Book'.  I'm going to repin the ones I really love on to my boards on Pinterest.

PPS. Thank you very much Tawnya for a terrific idea!  

16 November 2012

Robert Adam 

A Neo-Classicial Genius
Robert Adam was an extraordinary man;  his sense, understanding and interpretation of colour still reverberates today. He went off to visit Rome in the late 18th century as part of his studies ( the Grand Tour), stayed for 5 years and returned with extraordinarily influential ideas on architecture, interiors and decoration. 

Detail from a ceiling design for 5 Adelphi Terrace, by Robert Adam, England, UK, about 1771.
Duck Egg Blue 

Louis Blue  
Old Violet
You can see from my paint  that Robert Adam's  have been very influential in my colour palette. 

13 June 2012

Modern Contemporary

In the 20th Century there was an explosion of colour.   
This was because of new developments in technology.
These colours had never been available before

The American Colour Field painters worked colour like no one had before them 
Take a look 
 Barcelona Orange

A painter who was hugely influential when I was an art  student  in 1968
         Emperors Silk 
Sean Scully (b 1945 - ...) 
I was at Croydon College of Art with him 
Wikipedia ; Scully was born in Dublin and raised in South London. He studied at Croydon College of Art and Newcastle University. He was a recipient of a graduate fellowship at Harvard in the early 1970s and subsequently settled in New York.

Antibes                  Provence 

Let's see it on your furniture!  

6 May 2012

After New York.......
                                               .........New Orleans
 David, my husband and Felix, my middle son, 
came with me to the Annie Sloan Stockists' Meeting in New Orleans which was an incredible experience.  
What a great bunch of  positive inspiring doers the stockists are !! 
We all agree that New Orleans is a fabulous place where Europe meets America.  
 It has the feel of parts of Spain and France and yet it is definitely America.
Love it. Can't wait until next year! 
The French Quarter has some great shops - 
I photographed these great French pieces through the window of a shop in Royal Street. 
Antibes for the door? 
Arles mixed with some Cream ?
The back room of a painted furniture shop in the French Quarter.
Rustic French cupboards and Provencal pots and bowls.
Paris Grey