28 March 2022

Welcome to my latest Painter in Residence, Monika

It’s that time again! I am delighted to introduce to you my newest Painter in Residence, 84 Square. 84 Square is the passion project of furniture painter and upcycler extraordinaire, Monika Charchula, (with some occasional support work and collaboration from her fiancé, Tom). Furniture painting Inspiration incoming.

Like many other Painters in Residence before her, Monika is a well-travelled sort. Originally from Gdańsk, Poland, Monika moved to England (South Devon) in 2017 and discovered Chalk Paint here. “Starting a new life in a new country wasn't the easiest, so I would pick up furniture for pennies and add my style with Chalk Paint”, she continues. “My upbringing had a big influence on me, my parents and sisters are all frugal yet resourceful and very creative. I always preferred to make something myself than just buy it”.

I discovered Monika’s work a few years ago and since then she’s been to visit me at Chalk Paint HQ in Oxford, established a close relationship with her local Stockist at Flotsam 50, and produced some gloriously beautiful painted pieces!

Her work is gothic, opulent and features religious symbolism throughout. I was drawn to her use of rich jewel-toned colours, the sense of indulgence she creates with her deep and magical palette. Religious symbolism is a huge inspiration for Monika who passed her childhood in a Catholic country populated with many beautifully decorated churches.

I’ve had a sneak peek at the work Monika has produced for her reign as PIR and I know you will all be so delighted with these fabulous pieces. If you’ve wondered how to upcycle furniture to give a glamorous look then these are the step-by-step projects for you. They’re romantic, theatrically gothic, rich, ecclesiastical, and sumptuous.