7 September 2017

#25Project: Raglan, Wales!

It gives me the greatest pleasure to present you with the latest 25 Project – this time from Wales! As it's 'back to school' for a lot of you this week, I thought it fitting to share this transformation of a gorgeous old school hall with you.

With a population just short of 2,000 and the nearest town of Abergavenny 15 miles away, this Old Church School Hall has always been a focal point for the village of Raglan. A little history first: built in 1857, this hall started as a local community school. In World War II, many of the families in Raglan opened up their homes to evacuee children and so the school had to accommodate an influx of new children.

Over the years, as the old school became a hub for the local community, it understandably started to show wear and tear. Together with some fantastic volunteers – young and old – my Stockist Lucy Hywel, who runs That's Lovely That in Abergavenny, gave the place a much-needed facelift.

Using mainly Old White and Duck Egg Blue, they really made a feature of the wood panelling on the walls. Touches of Aubusson Blue help bring everything together, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

I've been told that, since the completion of the project, two new clubs have been formed and are now using the hall for Yoga and Tai-chi. This, along with the other organisations and clubs that use the space already – that's martial arts, kids clubs, art groups, film nights, and girl scouts. Phew!

Well done to everyone who participated in this gorgeous transformation. May the Raglan Old Church School Hall continue to be used by the community for at least another 160 years!