30 April 2020

Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

On 10th May, people across North America, Australasia, Europe and other countries around the globe honour the maternal figures in their lives. I know that Mother’s Day can be a difficult time of year, for those of us who have lost our mothers or for those whose relationship has been strained, it can be a reminder of what we’re missing. For those of us lucky enough to have happy relationships - be they with our biological mothers, representative figures, or our own children – it’s a good time to reflect on how lucky we are and to show those people how special they are to us.

As a mother myself, I think the best thing your children can give you – especially the grown up ones, with their own busy lives, is some quality time and their attention. Thoughtful gifts that recognise mothers as individuals, creatives, and personalities all of their own with dreams and style and talents that go beyond the nurturing or domestic are touching to receive. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of suitable presents for the mother, or mother figure, in your life, celebrating whom may be finding it difficult this year with social-distancing and lockdown affecting many of us.


My Charleston gift sets are inspired by the Bloomsbury Set and their creative retreat, Charleston Farmhouse. They’re a fabulous, fun, time-saving present for your mother which include everything one needs to complete a mini-makeover (for example a chair or a bedside cabinet). Inside each set you’ll find paint, wax and inspiration booklets to get your mum off on the right foot with her creative endeavours. The only thing she’ll have to worry about is where to display her proudly completed upcycling project when she’s finished!

Mini Project Pack

Similarly to the Charleston gift sets, these Mini Project Packs have all you need to transform a small piece of furniture – but rather than letting Virginia Woolf and her cohorts dictate the colour scheme, you can choose the colours inside yourself to suit your mother’s taste and style. I recommend choosing one neutral and one joy-bringing colour, perhaps a spring-like pastel. Your mum can have a pleasant afternoon painting and waxing and perhaps will rediscover a nascent love for painting, interior design, or DIY! The pride she’ll take in showing you her completed project will be a poignant reversal of the times you proudly showed her your own creative accomplishments as a child.

The Colourist 

The Colourist is a Bookazine which recognises that women don’t necessarily want to read diet fads and relationship advice. Packed with colourful inspiration, travel tips and home tours, this glossy coffee table time will have one’s creative juices flowing and imagination running wild – all from the comfort of one’s own sofa. And there’s no washing up of brushes to do afterwards! Perfect for the mum who doesn’t like to get messy, and who deserves a quiet half hour or two to herself with some stimulating reading material. Perhaps consider some chocolates too!

Detail Brushes

My Detail Brushes are a fabulous gift for the more experienced painters. If your mother has already painted a few pieces, she may be looking at extending her repertoire. These brushes have been specifically designed with tips that dictate four different patterns. Mark-making can be as simple as dipping brush to paint and applying to furniture (as demonstrated by my own son, Felix). More confident artists can paint freehand designs – such as this stunning piece by Maisie’s House

Pearlescent Glaze

Treat the Pearly Queen in your life to a little bit of sparkle with one of my latest products, Pearlescent Glaze. This water-based, light-reflecting finish creates a sublime, high-end, lustrous look and can be used over Chalk Paint® to create an intense opalescence, or mixed with very small additions of Chalk Paint® to create gently shimmering, translucent shades.  


My favourite suggestion for a Mother’s Day gift is to contact your mum's local Annie Sloan Stockist and to book her on to a future Annie Sloan Techniques Workshop - a lovely treat to look forward to post-lockdown! Here, she’ll learn all the most popular Chalk Paint® tips, tricks, and effects to build her confidence and inspire her to get stuck in. Bonus points if you book a place for yourself, too, and spend some quality bonding time over a Chalk Paint® tin.

I hope there’s enough ideas here for you to give a gift that is thoughtful and will make Mothering Sunday, birthday, anniversary, or any day, a really special day for you and yours! 


8 April 2020

The Colourist Issue 4: A celebration of colour!

Hurrah! Today is the launch of the latest issue of The Colourist, Issue 4.

Each issue is very special to me, it represents a time and a place in my life and career and I love looking back at the earlier editions to remind me of the fascinating cities I've visited and the amazing artists I've found along the way. However, I do have to admit that I feel like Issue 4 is that little bit more special... (sorry I know one isn't supposed to have a favourite child) because this is the issue that represents a very special time in my life and career - the 30 year anniversary of Chalk Paint®!

I curate a colour palette for each issue, based on the mood and the feel of the time. The palette for Issue 4 which just so happens to be timed with the start of Spring in the UK, is composed of luscious Lem Lem, grounding Graphite and the origin of Chalk Paint, Old White. Despite the hero of this issue being Old White, you'll find that the 132 pages are jam-packed with colour.

Thirty years! That’s how long it’s been since I started my Chalk Paint® adventure. Back in 1990, the first colour I created was Old White, which is why I’ve chosen white as the theme for this celebratory issue of The Colourist. And, since 30 years is a pearl anniversary, we’re launching something rather appropriate: Pearlescent Glaze. You can turn to page 128 to see how Dominique Malacarne used this beautiful, iridescent colour to create a subtle inlaid bone effect that I know you’ll want to try for yourself.

As this is such a special issue, I’ll be talking a little more personally than I do normally: reflecting, gathering and planning for the future of Annie Sloan Interiors. I’m sharing some stories about how I started this company in my 40s, and talking to other creative women following their passions and starting their own businesses.

I’m thrilled to share more about ‘accidental icon’ Iris Apfel, the fashion, textiles and interior designer who’s famous for being ridiculously stylish, witty and idiosyncratic. And, by the way, she’s in her 90s! We also feature illustrator and designer, Edward Bawden; Roland Penrose and Lee Miller’s surrealist home, Farleys House; a tour of a beautiful Dutch barge; and the home of our past Painter in Residence, Ildiko Horvath.

As ever, you'll find six inspiring step-by-step projects in the back section of the magazine, including a project by Annie Sloan Interiors' very own senior designer, Joanna Lloyd, showing you how to use the free Toile du Jouy-inspired paper pull-out. The toile features scenes from my home city and the home of Chalk Paint® manufacturing, Oxford.

That’s just a taster of what’s in store. I hope you enjoy the issue – it’s been a pleasure putting it together for you. Tag me @AnnieSloanHome on social media with the hashtag #ColouristMag so I can see what you get up to.