23 September 2016

#25Project Transformation 1: Germany!

I'm thrilled to share with you the first transformation from the #25Project! I have eagerly been  waiting for photos and stories to roll in from community centres and spaces that we have helped transform around the world, and this one from Germany is just fantastic. I feel very proud of my Stockist Vanessa Metz from Simply Vintage and my German Distributors Ulrike and Sonja for the hard work, expertise and dedication that they put in to create this wonderful transformation – and what a privilege for my paint and products!

Below are before pictures of the‘2gether’ Community Centre located in Ubstadt-Weiher, South Germany. The centre hosts many activities and events for all generations, including ‘Mother and Baby’ groups, breakdancing lessons and team afternoons for the elderly. Over the years, the interior of the space – although loved – became neglected and deteriorated. When it was nominated for a transformation, I knew that it would really benefit from a lick of paint or two!


I have to mention the fantastic work that Vanessa did in organising this transformation. Vanessa is wonderfully kooky and colourful (you never know what colour her hair is going to be next!) and she did an incredible job rallying the troops (in this case volunteers and other local stockists including Ulrike, Sonja and Horst). I can only imagine how exhausting it must have been painting away in that 32 degree heat! However, Vanessa’s buoyant smile, the sandwiches and snacks sponsored by a local baker, the lunch prepared by Ivonne who works at the centre and the fact that this was all for a good cause meant that the weekend long transformation flew by!

I love the way my stencils and fabrics are used in the space - and how great does the snooker table look painted? A palette of French Linen, Country Grey and Graphite with pops of warm colour has been used to create a sophisticated but welcoming space. Check out that brilliant skyline too, painted 5 years ago by local children, it was given a loving restoration.

This is the very first of 25 transformations – watch this space and I will share each and every transformation with you as they come in. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this project, and can’t wait to share the next one with you very, very soon!

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Yours, Annie

13 September 2016

Floral Furniture Headdresses!

Let me share with you the second project from my unique Painter in Residence, Hanayuishi Takaya, another set of stunning headdresses that, in my opinion, are truly works of art.

What I love about Mr. Takaya’s work is that it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The response from his previous work, ‘Man with Koi’ was fascinating. When I started the Painters in Residence programme my aim was to share inspiring images which start a discussion, and all use my paints and products, of course. With Mr. Takaya’s work, it may not be something that is easily recreated at home, but it definitely makes me smile; his whimsical artistry and joyous creations fill me with a new sense of wonder.

For these pieces Mr Takaya has cleverly used doll’s house table's and chairs - a cheeky response to the fact that Chalk Paint® is predominantly used on furniture. For the table and chairs, Hanayuishi chose many of the brighter colours in my Colour Palette, such as Emperor’s Silk, Antibes Green and Provence, building the layers of paint before sanding back to create a distressed, rustic finish. The boldness of colour contrasts beautifully with the arrangement of flowers chosen, such as hydrangeas and pink scabious.
Mr Takaya is always conscious of the models he uses for his work, and with this he chose two children which really marries perfectly the theme of the whole piece.

What do you think of this latest work? I would again be intrigued to hear your thoughts.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but then again what a boring old world it would be if it was?

Yours, Annie