4 February 2012

Painted Whites

Old White
 is a soft cool neutral undemanding white, 
like the old whitewash seen here in Norman Rockwell's depiction of Tom Sawyer and the painting of the picket fence! 
Old whites are soft like these old French pieces 
It's perfect for the Swedish look too
My Old White is the same colour as the old Lead White which is no longer made. 

Modern whites are bright made possible because of the Titanium White pigment

which was not generally available until the *1930/40s 
SO if you are painting something white and you want it to have that aged look, to be soft and sophisticated like an antique, 
don't paint it in bright white! 

*(Although it was identified in 1795 it was not until 1921 that an economical method of purifying it was established and then it became very popular because it was such a strong opaque colour)