27 February 2015

Introducing Painter in Residence Agnieszka Krawczyk

“Hi, my name is Agnieszka and I am a true lover of vintage finds. I live in a small town near the historic city of Krakow, in Poland, where I have a workshop. I love giving a second life to old and broken furniture. I have always enjoyed being creative, so I turned my hobby and passion into a business. I sell transformed furniture, home decor, as well as hand crafted items that I create. My store is full of all the things I love.

And Annie's paint? 

I use various techniques to give my pieces of furniture a new character. I love the styles I call shabby chic, with a touch of boho, gypsy chic and vintage – and my furniture mainly follows these styles. I am constantly experimenting, so that each piece becomes a unique look.

I haven’t met Annie yet but that’ll change this year I know (and it will be great to meet her). I watch her tutorials, interviews, tips, and I feel she’s so charming and an inspiring person. She’s also an amazing career women, expert, powerful, professional what can I say, she’s just my guru!

I’m a self taught painter and it’s the ease of using Chalk Paint®, decorative paint by Annie Sloan, that’s helped me here: I can create my own unique colours, I can be spontaneous. The paints help me express my style. So it’s really easy to get started – anyone can do it!

What you’ll see from me

But a PIR? Well that’s going to be a challenge for sure. My projects will reflect my romantic side, so it will be subtly, slightly pastel, but with a hint of a strong accent, in the form of one of my favourite colors – turquoise with dark wax. So look out for that mix of shabby, boho, ethno, hippie and vintage!” 

Here’s a sneak peek of projects to come from Agnieszka:

Yours, Annie

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24 February 2015

#AskAnnieSloan February 2015

In January I hosted my first ever live Twitter Q&A – I loved it and held a second #AskAnnnieSloan on Friday. Here are the questions and answers for those of you who aren't on Twitter.

Thank you again to everybody who took part. Stay tuned as I'm hoping to make this a regular thing.

Yours, Annie

23 February 2015

Introducing my new Painters In Residence

It’s been a fascinating ‘first take’ with my first 3 Painters In Residence – Janice Issitt, Alex Russell Flint, and Beau Ford. Their fantastic finished projects have shown between them what you can do with Chalk Paint® when you go with your passion and unleash your imagination. So a big thank you to Janice, Alex and Beau!

I hope their showcase of colour, techniques and style has inspired those who perhaps feel less confidant or more constrained by convention or taste to ‘give it a go’ and stretch the boundaries of what’s possible!

Painters In Residence: A recap

I started this project back in September 2014 (see my introductory post) to make real my motto of ‘endless possibilities’ and get upcyclers, recyclers, and potential painters to explore my Chalk Paint® at the edges of the colour wheel. I wanted to showcase people a bit like myself perhaps, who are naturally expressive, and are prepared to experiment with my Chalk Paint® and say ‘now what finish or effect can I achieve with this?’ They boldy go where their imagination takes them to create quite different finished products and interesting combinations of colours and motifs. They make you sort of you sit up and take notice and I like that.

So it’s no surprise that my next 3 Painters In Residence continue to extend the possibilities of Chalk Paint®. Please welcome them...

Abigail and Ryan Bell

Agnieszka (/Agnes) Krawczyk

Karen Donnelly

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Yours, Annie

18 February 2015

Beau Ford's Striped Side Cupboard

This gorgeous sideboard is the last project from Beau Ford's three months as a Painter in Residence. Beau's neighbour in rural Australia inherited the cupboard from her Grandfather and had been storing it in her shearing shed. Beau cleaned off the cupboard and used my paint, Chalk Paint®, to create a refreshed modern piece – a lot more fitting for the hip, growing family farmhouse that it was returning to.

Beau used a palette of Antibes Green, Duck Egg Blue and Coco to create the base block colours. The mustard yellow is a mix of English Yellow, with a spot of Emperor's Silk and Coco. Beau told me she seems to go the long-way round to find her perfect mixes – but I love her playful experimentation with mixing colours. It's something I always encourage!

The triangle pattern that runs vertically down the front of the cupboard has been hand-painted in Greek Blue using a very small artist's brush. The whole piece has been finished using my Clear Wax to protect the surface and make it wipeable.

I hope you've enjoyed following Beau's residency and feel inspired by her playful and bright projects. Later this week, I will be introducing you to my next set of three Painters in Residence, so keep your eyes peeled!

Yours, Annie

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9 February 2015

Janice Issitt's Moroccan-inspired bedroom


Today, I am sharing the last project from Janice Issitt's three months as one of my Painters in Residence. Her Moroccan-inspired, bohemian bedroom sings with colour – and has all been achieved with my Chalk Paint® palette.

The way Janice works reminds me of the way the Bloomsbury set painted Charleston Farmhouse – no surface is left unpainted. Walls, floors, furniture and ornaments are all constantly being painted, re-painted, re-worked and re-imagined. Janice works from her home – the various rooms in her house are her work studios and are therefore in a constant state of flux, much like my own!

Here, Janice has used Provence as a backdrop, and has stencilled a mandala shape onto the wall using Napoleonic Blue. She painted the bed in Barcelona Orange with a feather design in Florence. On the tiles on the floor, she used Provence, Napoleonic Blue, Old White and Arles. The Moroccan-style side table features Henrietta, Provence, Napoleonic Blue and English Yellow, and the screen is Old Violet, Barcelona Orange, Emperor's Silk and English Yellow. The furniture has been finished in my Soft Clear Wax, and the floor has been sealed using my matt Lacquer.

Next week, I will share the last project from Beau Ford residency, and following this I will be announcing my next set of fabulous Painters in Residence. I can't wait!

Yours, Annie

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6 February 2015

Reloved Magazine

I have some very exciting news to share with you – starting this month, I am joining Reloved Magazine as a regular columnist! Every month, I'll be giving you an exclusive look into the things I do when I'm at work and at home; painting, designing and coming up with new techniques and ideas. It's a wonderful way for me to share with you some beautiful projects that you can try at home.

Here's a sneak preview of the project I worked on for my first column, which will appear in the March issue (on sale from 12th February). You'll love the transformation!

I hope you enjoy following my column and get to experiment with the new techniques that I will be sharing with you over the coming months.

You can buy your copy of Reloved through many Annie Sloan Stockists or through selected stores in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. You can also order it online or get a digital copy through the Apple Newsstand or Google Play.

Yours, Annie

3 February 2015

Chalk Paint Is 25

Exactly 25 years ago, a chance meeting in Holland led me to create a new kind of decorative paint. I called it Chalk Paint® because of its velvety matt finish. I had dreamed of making this paint for many years and, in 1990, that dream finally became a reality. Now my paint is sold in over 1,250 shops and loved by millions around the world. And Chalk Paint® has come to mean so much more than paint — it represents integrity, heritage and a wonderful community of like-minded people. Chalk Paint® is Annie Sloan paint!  #ChalkPaintIs25