23 February 2015

Introducing my new Painters In Residence

It’s been a fascinating ‘first take’ with my first 3 Painters In Residence – Janice Issitt, Alex Russell Flint, and Beau Ford. Their fantastic finished projects have shown between them what you can do with Chalk Paint® when you go with your passion and unleash your imagination. So a big thank you to Janice, Alex and Beau!

I hope their showcase of colour, techniques and style has inspired those who perhaps feel less confidant or more constrained by convention or taste to ‘give it a go’ and stretch the boundaries of what’s possible!

Painters In Residence: A recap

I started this project back in September 2014 (see my introductory post) to make real my motto of ‘endless possibilities’ and get upcyclers, recyclers, and potential painters to explore my Chalk Paint® at the edges of the colour wheel. I wanted to showcase people a bit like myself perhaps, who are naturally expressive, and are prepared to experiment with my Chalk Paint® and say ‘now what finish or effect can I achieve with this?’ They boldy go where their imagination takes them to create quite different finished products and interesting combinations of colours and motifs. They make you sort of you sit up and take notice and I like that.

So it’s no surprise that my next 3 Painters In Residence continue to extend the possibilities of Chalk Paint®. Please welcome them...

Abigail and Ryan Bell

Agnieszka (/Agnes) Krawczyk

Karen Donnelly

Follow the hashtag #PaintersInResidence on Instagram and Facebook to see more projects, and head to my ‘Painters in Residence’ Pinterest board too.

Yours, Annie


  1. What fabulous creations and great inspiration...thank you! X

  2. Gorgeous creations from all 3 PIR! I have just recently found your chalk paint colors and am interested in trying these out with my mixed media projects! I am on the lookout for a color chart with your paint color choices. I wanted to compare the difference between Coco and French Linen as pictures don't do the colors justice. Hugz to you and Happy Crafting/Painting! ~Niki

  3. Wow! The paintings are absolutely gorgeous. All of the three painters are truly marvelous- skilled and imaginative. I have always been a big lover of chalk paint- its uniqueness is a breath of fresh air as far as painting is concerned. However, it didn't occur to me that chalk paint can produce works of such beauty and grandeur!

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters