27 February 2015

Introducing Painter in Residence Agnieszka Krawczyk

“Hi, my name is Agnieszka and I am a true lover of vintage finds. I live in a small town near the historic city of Krakow, in Poland, where I have a workshop. I love giving a second life to old and broken furniture. I have always enjoyed being creative, so I turned my hobby and passion into a business. I sell transformed furniture, home decor, as well as hand crafted items that I create. My store is full of all the things I love.

And Annie's paint? 

I use various techniques to give my pieces of furniture a new character. I love the styles I call shabby chic, with a touch of boho, gypsy chic and vintage – and my furniture mainly follows these styles. I am constantly experimenting, so that each piece becomes a unique look.

I haven’t met Annie yet but that’ll change this year I know (and it will be great to meet her). I watch her tutorials, interviews, tips, and I feel she’s so charming and an inspiring person. She’s also an amazing career women, expert, powerful, professional what can I say, she’s just my guru!

I’m a self taught painter and it’s the ease of using Chalk Paint®, decorative paint by Annie Sloan, that’s helped me here: I can create my own unique colours, I can be spontaneous. The paints help me express my style. So it’s really easy to get started – anyone can do it!

What you’ll see from me

But a PIR? Well that’s going to be a challenge for sure. My projects will reflect my romantic side, so it will be subtly, slightly pastel, but with a hint of a strong accent, in the form of one of my favourite colors – turquoise with dark wax. So look out for that mix of shabby, boho, ethno, hippie and vintage!” 

Here’s a sneak peek of projects to come from Agnieszka:

Yours, Annie

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  1. Love, Love your style it is so beautiful.

  2. I have one piece of furniture that has made numerous moves with me over the past 40 years...it's a piece I can't let go of. I have never touched it but it looks exactly like the pieces you create. It's in the most gorgeous, green, like Annie Sloan Antibes green....almost identical. I also have a small bench with wonky legs that fits in this same genre. I've just bought my very first OWN home and have a small pile of furniture that's about to get all this treatment. AK, your style is exactly the look I'm going for, in various colors but mostly white, blue or green, and maybe one wildly contrasting piece. At long last I get to indulge myself in this style...it's 'been on the back burner' for more than half my life. You've inspired me like no other...I have downloaded all your pix for inspiration!!! Thank you! I wish I lived in Poland so I could visit your store! Best wishes for continued beauty and success.

  3. Pani Agnieszko,niedawno zaczelam moja "przygode"z farbami Annie Sloan ale z dobrym skutkiem. Mam jednak jedno pytanie..jesli moge liczy na Pani pomoc. Nie moge juz patrzyc na moje meble w kuchni, sa nowoczesne. Gdyby nadac im inny kolor bylyby niezle. Fronty szafek pokryte sa tzw.laminatem z polyskiem w ramkach chromowych. Czy takie powierzchnie dobrze pokryja farby Annie i czy nie beda sie rysowac w trakcie uzytkowana jak to w kuchni. Bede wdzieczna za rade. Pozdrawiam Jolanta Arena

  4. Pani Agnieszko, od niedawno zaczela sie moja przygoda z farbami Annie Sloan ale z dobrym skutkiem. Mam jednak pytanie do Pani jesli mozna? Mam w kuchni nowoczesne meble, fronty pokryte sa tzw.laminatem na lekki polysk w ramkach chromowych. Czy farby Annie pokryja taka powierzchnie i czy wax wystarczajaco ja utwardzi i nie beda sie rysowac podczas uzytkowania jak to w kuchni. Bede wdzieczna za rade. Pozdrawiam Jolanta Arena