28 December 2011

Happy New Year 
Hello again and I'm back  after a very hectic Christmas break and a beautiful time of quiet
I'm continuing my explanations of my colours. 
Château Grey
I made this colour for three reasons
based on the pigment Terre  Verte meaning green earth found in Italy, France, Cyprus, Hungary...and the USA.  American Shaker box painted simply possibly using natural green earth pigment found in parts of the USA
 It's the colour that was used as an underpainting in old master paintings for flesh - glazed over with  red and pink tones - sometimes the reds have faded so the face just looks green! 

In house painting it was known as Drab and was made from mixing all the left over paints together to make a base coat. The above chair is original 19th century French painted cabriole chair leg with a beautiful soft green .

Duck Egg Blue
Scandinavian Pink /Primer Red
It also works with Old White of course!

Chateau Grey is of my favourite colours and one that is useful as it's a colour but not really a colour.

21 December 2011

Ben Nicholson
I hope you like this work and it gives you some ideas for your own paint work. It always makes me want to get my brushes out. 
He is an English 20th century painter who died about 30 years ago. 
You really need to see the paintings in person to see the extraordinary texture and tonal qualities in them but here is a little tease anyway. 
I like his abstracted landscapes better than the purely abstract pieces. 
The colours are so gentle
Great pattern, texture and shape 
Great pattern, texture and shape 
Great pattern, texture and shape 

great colour combos
Paris Grey
Primer red


5 December 2011

My American Tour
March- April 2012

So this is what you'll get. This is me! 

pics my talented friend Penny Millar took of me recently in my house in Oxford.

I'm starting in New Orleans  then on march 16th I'll be in  Dallas, then on to San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Virginia and finish up on April 2nd in Boston 
.....exact times and dates on www.anniesloanunfolded.com 
There will be demos and workshops at all these places! 

Contact www.anniesloanunfolded.com to book a place!