21 December 2011

Ben Nicholson
I hope you like this work and it gives you some ideas for your own paint work. It always makes me want to get my brushes out. 
He is an English 20th century painter who died about 30 years ago. 
You really need to see the paintings in person to see the extraordinary texture and tonal qualities in them but here is a little tease anyway. 
I like his abstracted landscapes better than the purely abstract pieces. 
The colours are so gentle
Great pattern, texture and shape 
Great pattern, texture and shape 
Great pattern, texture and shape 

great colour combos
Paris Grey
Primer red



  1. I have been looking for something to rekindle the artist in me and I think this is it!Thanks Cindy

  2. I'm in Nashville and am excited about your American Tour 2012! Found your blog via Sweet Vintage Decor :)

  3. I'm so excited about the American Tour 2012

  4. American Tour 2012!!!


  5. oh wow, JUST bought all 3 of those from Robyn Story the other day. Graphite, Paris Grey and Primer red, too funny. Love those colors!!Annie when is the New Orleans tour date?

  6. I LOVE what I have read about this paint. This is the only technique I haven't tried and look forward to sing this paint. Now all I need to do is decide on a color!
    Adding you to my blogroll so I won't miss a thing.

  7. His work was exhibited at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, in East Sussex last year, which I was lucky enough to go along to - it was inspiring!