6 May 2012

After New York.......
                                               .........New Orleans
 David, my husband and Felix, my middle son, 
came with me to the Annie Sloan Stockists' Meeting in New Orleans which was an incredible experience.  
What a great bunch of  positive inspiring doers the stockists are !! 
We all agree that New Orleans is a fabulous place where Europe meets America.  
 It has the feel of parts of Spain and France and yet it is definitely America.
Love it. Can't wait until next year! 
The French Quarter has some great shops - 
I photographed these great French pieces through the window of a shop in Royal Street. 
Antibes for the door? 
Arles mixed with some Cream ?
The back room of a painted furniture shop in the French Quarter.
Rustic French cupboards and Provencal pots and bowls.
Paris Grey 


  1. Utterly gorgeous. Loving the Paris Grey vibe. Is that two turned-legged painted tables, painted the same and stacked or a two tier single piece? Either way, gorgeous!

  2. Oh Annie...what a lovely shop...too bad you didn't get to go inside. I bet it was filled with loveliness!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  3. Never been to New Orleans, maybe someday. Thanks for sharing. Loving the green-Antibes, just need to find the right piece. Thank you for making incredible paint!

  4. Would love to visit New Orleans. Just met someone whose brother lives there - he said that the people are wonderfully warm and open.

    Love the shop in the French Quater. Inspires me to open a tin of your paint again!

  5. I'm excited to go next year! Loved your description of New Orleans!

  6. You'll love it Amy! Great plans are in the mix!

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  8. Hi Annie, I love the look of Paris Grey. Can't wait to try it in Australia sometime...
    Cheers Fiona

  9. Hi Annie, love your work. Very inspirational! Check us out if you get time http://www.therockycrystal.com your feedback would be awesome.

  10. Hi Annie, Love the photos especially the last one! I just adore Paris Grey - looks like a beautiful shop!


  11. I like your Paris grey very much.Thanks for sharing.
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