30 April 2012

Highlights of America
In New York I visited the Russian Tea Rooms with Melissa Riche, who is doing PR for us in North America.  It was her idea and what a great idea it was!  
It was started in the 1920s by members of the Russian Ballet and since then has been a mecca for  entertainment people - Madonna worked there as a coat check girl , it's in loads of films and Rowan Atkinson got married there etc etc....
 The design and the colour is outrageous but perfect.   
Red leather seats, deep green walls and blingy gold
Great Russian paintings on the wall. 

We drank vodka and ate black bread. 
Gold leafed ceiling


  1. Hello Annie,

    I cannot believe that I have been to NYC hundreds of times and NEVER have I been to the Russian Tea Room!! I must remedy that.

    Thanks for sharing your visit..love the photos.

    Your friend,
    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    PS...big hello to David!

  2. Definitely worth a visit - we had lunch there.

  3. I was struggling with what to do to the ceiling in the powder room at the new studio...your pics sparked a grandiose idea! I'm going to use silver gilding wax all over it. Lovely how it looks lit-from-within, don't you think? Thank you, Miss Annie Sloan :0)

  4. Thanks for sharing Annie! This is definitely a place the hubby & I will be visiting...looks soooo fun!!!!!

  5. DO YOU HAVE to drink vodka to appreciate the Bling? If so, fine - just asking. Seriously - thanks for the share ANNIE!!

    1. Hahaha!
      I think the vodka - which was the nicest tasting I have ever had, is a must!!

  6. So much atmosphere - love it! Thanks for sharing - it goes on my list of places to visit!

  7. Reminds me of my stay in St. Pete after high school! Black bread every meal! It's fun to see such vibrant colors used--they are so intimidating for us beachy types. ;) tahnks for sharing jess

  8. I have never been there either, so will have to try to go next time! Over the top decor! I love the history. This always makes a place so memorable.

  9. When I moved from NYC to Colorado a few years ago, the Russian Tea Room had closed. I am thrilled to hear it has reopened it's doors. I have dined there many times. We are receiving our first shipment of paint today--on the shelves tomorrow. Wish us luck!! Your newest LRP, Simpler Times Designs, Parker Colorado. Thanks for your inspiration, Annie.

    1. Hi Susan! Great to meet you here. Let's make a date for the Russian Tea Rooms!!
      Wishing you luck! So pleased to hear you are stocking my paint! Love the name!

  10. Annie,
    My daughter had visited the Russian Tea Room as a girl of 10 yrs. with her Grandmother years ago.When my daughter moved to New York 3 years ago( age 26) I wanted to go to The Russian Tea Room too, but it was closed at the time.
    Next visit to see my daughter we are going!
    Lovely place!

  11. Certainly worth a visit Susan.

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