6 March 2012

Complementary Colours

A complementary is the opposite colour - 
it can mean they fight each other or they get along really well - just like people really!

Purple and yellow are opposite each other on the colour wheel 

With a complemetary one colour is a primary colour and the other is a secondary. 
In this case the primary is Cream - it's a yellow but with lots of white in it. 
The secondary is the Old Violet which is made roughly from two primaries - blue and red. 

Mixing yellow and purple together makes Paloma - a grey made from two complementaries. 

I've made some great boards I have painted with colour swatches I want to share with you! 
Louis Blue & a pop of it's complementary Orange on the cups

I love talking about colour and I think  I can tell you some things that will make painting easier and more fun! 

This is the sort of thing I will be explaining and enlarging on at the Workshops I will be doing all one the USA starting on March 16th in

San Francisco
moving to 
Leesburg (near Washington) 
and finally finishing in
on April 2nd! 

Get a ticket from this link below


I don't want to hear you didn't know it was happening! !


  1. Thanks for the beautiful and meaninful job you do with all those amazing colors. I'm so excited to join you during the US tour. Looking forward to it!! Sincerely, Vanessa

  2. CANNOT WAIT! I always know whats going on, I am a die hard! ~ OR super duper nosey! ~Thanks so much Annie for everything you do for us! See you in Beantown!

  3. So excited to hear you speak and to meet you!

    The Empty Nest

  4. So excited to meet you and learn some techniques in Boston!

  5. This is what makes your products so great! All of the history and knowledge you have on color. I can not wait to meet you in person in NOLA and to paint with you in Nashville.

    -Jenny, The Back Porch Mercantile

  6. Beautiful color!! Love the pop of orange.

  7. annie, we just can't wait until you get to nashville...over here in memphis all abuzz with anticipation! these photos are so lovely, love the color combos and can't wait to learn more.

    safe travels. xx stephanie jones

  8. Great post Annie. Keep it up and enjoy your time in the U.S.!

  9. I just purchased your white chalk paint along with a can of clear wax. I have read the can, searched the site, but cannot find any information on how long the wax must be left on before you begin to buff it.
    I do hope you can help.
    Thank you!

  10. I just became your newest follower and would love to start selling your paint in our shop. I have contacted your representative here in USA - and hopefully we will be able to work together! I am having a love affair with painted furniture and you are the reason! Thank you so much - Jalon

  11. I adore your paint, Annie, and all the ways that you can manipulate it! The finish is always so beautifully smooth! I hope that I can attend a seminar of yours in the future if you have one in Michigan! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  12. It's a shame you will not be doing any in the UK at the moment, but am lucky to have a stockist of your paints nearby with whom I have just signed up for a workshop!
    Have just bought Original and Old Ochre to finish some dressser projects - I love working with your paints as I hated the tediuum of sanding and priming - now I can just whack it on!
    Paris Grey I love!

  13. A great blog, so glad to have found you.
    Look forward to taking lots of inspiration from your paint colours.
    Thank you.

  14. Great Blog Annie. Even to use the cream and old violet together would make for a lovely warmer alternative to a traditional monochrome colourscheme. Lovely. Re-upholstery Oxford

  15. Nice! I painted the hall old violet!


    Best regards, Maaike