16 November 2012

Robert Adam 

A Neo-Classicial Genius
Robert Adam was an extraordinary man;  his sense, understanding and interpretation of colour still reverberates today. He went off to visit Rome in the late 18th century as part of his studies ( the Grand Tour), stayed for 5 years and returned with extraordinarily influential ideas on architecture, interiors and decoration. 

Detail from a ceiling design for 5 Adelphi Terrace, by Robert Adam, England, UK, about 1771.
Duck Egg Blue 

Louis Blue  
Old Violet
You can see from my paint  that Robert Adam's  have been very influential in my colour palette. 


  1. thank you for sharing your inspiration Annie, I find that very interesting!

  2. Indeed all your colours marry very well. I need to think outside the box and do more different pairings such as these. Beautiful!

  3. Awesome! I really appreciate this interested and cool blog same as the blog of painters in Wayne county.