1 December 2012


My Work Book is a sketch book with 3 pockets for your scraps and cuttings, with notes about colour and style and about my paint.  It's a sort of scrapbook/ sketchbook. It was inspired by Tawnya Norton who has a store called C'est Moi' in Tennessee and she sells my paint. She wrote to me one day;

Good Morning Annie, I was wondering if you ever thought of offering a journal. Something people could take notes in at the workshop and jot down ideas and maybe keep color recipes in that they have created even maybe add a place for photo's. I guess I see it has journal and portfolio combined.

I thought this was a great idea

So that's what I did and this is the result. 
Using drawings of a chair leg, I describe different styles of furniture - this one's Rococo. There's also Modern, Classical, Asian and Rustic. I have suggested which colours could be used historically.
There are three pockets for keeping your fabric swatches, cuttings and samples.
There is stuff about colour theory.
Lots of my stockists will be running workshops on colour too.

There's really nice paper that can take paint.  
This is what Amy Chalmers, another of my stockists, of Maison Decor in Boston did in some of her pages!

The Annie Sloan Work Book is only available from my stockists. 


PS.  When you get your book, start working with it then photograph it and post your pictures on your Pinterest board. Call your board 'Annie Sloan Work Book'.  I'm going to repin the ones I really love on to my boards on Pinterest.

PPS. Thank you very much Tawnya for a terrific idea!  


  1. I love your newest book, Annie! And thank you to Tawnya for her inspiration that prompted this journal. I love collecting magazine clippings, colors, and my own ideas. What a perfect book to keep everything in one place and add to ongoing favorites.

  2. That is terrific! Perfect

  3. Dear Annie,
    Tawnya is a gem, isn't she? And Amy is an amazing sketch artist..love what she is doing with your WORKBOOK. Both inspiring women...I think they take after YOU!

    Thank you for giving us this wonderful creative tool.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  4. This WORKBOOK is such a great idea~so kudos to both you and Tawyna for the seed germ!! I have been enjoying it and building it out on a daily basis and each page holds personal inspiration that I hope is infectious to all the Annie Sloan fans that walk through our doors. We have our first WORKBOOK workshop scheduled in January and I am really looking forward to it!