Chalk Paint Colour Card

6 March 2012

Complementary Colours

A complementary is the opposite colour - 
it can mean they fight each other or they get along really well - just like people really!

Purple and yellow are opposite each other on the colour wheel 

With a complemetary one colour is a primary colour and the other is a secondary. 
In this case the primary is Cream - it's a yellow but with lots of white in it. 
The secondary is the Old Violet which is made roughly from two primaries - blue and red. 

Mixing yellow and purple together makes Paloma - a grey made from two complementaries. 

I've made some great boards I have painted with colour swatches I want to share with you! 
Louis Blue & a pop of it's complementary Orange on the cups

I love talking about colour and I think  I can tell you some things that will make painting easier and more fun! 

This is the sort of thing I will be explaining and enlarging on at the Workshops I will be doing all one the USA starting on March 16th in

San Francisco
moving to 
Leesburg (near Washington) 
and finally finishing in
on April 2nd! 

Get a ticket from this link below

I don't want to hear you didn't know it was happening! !