8 February 2010

There are very few yellows, compare the number of yellows to the number of blues or greens.... only 15 yellows!
Amber,  Yellow OchreGamboge, Topaz, Mustard,  - the dark yellows
Canary yellow,  Chrome yellow,  Golden,  Jonquil, Maize, Sunflower,  
Lemon; - the slightly greenish cool yellow
Cream, Naples Yellow,  - the whitish yellows
Saffron - the orange yellows
It's a tentative colour, barely there and difficult to use in decorating well. 
Add black to yellow and what have you got - GREEN!! 


  1. Annie - I love everything about you. You and your paint inspire me to keep reaching out creatively. I am a new stockist in McKinney Texas and the paint is literally flowing out the door! Keep up the great work! Karla

  2. Such a creative and nice post. Your colours are inspirational and makes me think more creatively to make them part of my paintings. You give me more ideas of blending colours.