22 September 2014

Introducing Painter in Residence Beau Ford

“Hi I’m Beau and I’m tucked away in the remote southwest corner of Australia, and I’m very much an accidental painter. I’m also a home lover, who fits this hobby in when she can – and it’s just for me. I wanted to try something outside of just being a busy mum with 3 kids and getting noticed for it has been a thrill. I have no formal art background but I just love colour and making my house a home. I love taking a tired piece of old furniture and making it into something people notice and comment on...

And Annie's paint? 

When I met Annie on her Australian tour it 
felt like it was meant to be because the way she described her life and how she came to create her product reminded me of myself a little bit: she was painting and trying to find a paint that was quick and easy to use when you’ve only half an hour here or there while bringing up three little people. I just love the concept of a paint that is easy to throw at a piece of furniture and not have to be ridiculous about priming and making it perfect because that was NOT the look I am after.

For me, Chalk Paint® is incredibly easy to use, and incredibly novice friendly. I hadn’t realised how many hundreds of colours you could get by mixing the paints, though I’m sure people from an art background would know, and I found out much later when I got more used to the paint and to the decorative techniques (Annie’s books have been really helpful to me for ideas and techniques). Blending is such a clever trait of her paint – you start with your basic colours and then you get more confident and you mix and really step out of the box.

What you’ll see from me

I’ll be looking to do things with the colours that people aren’t necessarily drawn to much like olives, mustards and greens, and also an autumn combination with berry colours, chocolate browns and teal – very much the kind of colours I wear. What do I want out of PIR? Just that I don’t want anyone to think that picking up a paintbrush is a hard thing to do!”

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