13 November 2015

Introducing the Annie Sloan Mini Project Pack

I’m so excited to introduce my new Mini Project Pack – I’ve been working on this for quite some time. Each Pack includes two 100ml small project pots of Chalk Paint®, a 120ml tin of both Clear Wax and Dark Wax, and one of my small Pure Bristle Brushes – everything you need to create something totally you. And the beauty of them is that you get to choose your own colours, so if you’re buying one as a gift, you can make it personal and just right for the lucky recipient. A 100ml pot of my paint will cover around one square metre, so there’s enough in each pack to transform a bedside table, for example, or a favourite chair. Or you may prefer to do several smaller items – perhaps a group of picture frames or candle holders?

In this image above, we’ve shown the Pack with my Provence and Arles colours – perfect for creating the modern retro look which is so popular at the moment (see the Heals table below). These colours lend themselves so well to that smooth, contemporary aesthetic. Scandi-philes out there may like combining Country Grey with Louis Blue (see my Swedish inspired chair below). These cool, airy shades are perfect for recreating the light, classic Swedish look which I adore. I also love combining the vibrancy of Barcelona Orange with Château Grey, to bring out those warm green tones. Or, a flash of Emperor's Silk against a more austere colour, like Duck Egg Blue. You can see all the colours in the Chalk Paint® range online but I always recommend seeing them in store or ordering a Colour Card to get a truer reflection of my colours. Colours will always vary from screen to screen.

With the Mini Project Pack, you can use the colours in layers and then sand back for an authentic distressed look. Of course, you don’t have to use both colours on one piece. Just one colour will create a really strong look – or mix two colours together to make your own distinct shade. Do have a look on my YouTube Channel for my Tutorial on mixing paint. In the video, I’m mixing colours for a mid-Century modern chest of drawers, which I wanted to match perfectly to a particular vase, but there are plenty of other videos on there, which feature a whole range of styles.

The Clear Wax will give a wonderful velvety finish (and help protect the finished piece from the vicissitudes of everyday life). This is also where my Dark Wax comes into its own. Work some over the top of the Clear Wax to bring out texture and don’t be scared of it! Yes, it looks dark at first, but experiment with it – work it in for real depth and wipe back the excess with Clear Wax.

You can use the Pure Bristle Brush to apply both the paint and the waxes. Just be sure to wash your brush out in warm water and hang to dry from its handle.

So once you've had a go with one of my new Mini Project Packs, please share your projects me online – upload them to the Made It My Own gallery or tag @anniesloanhome Instagram or Twitter. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Yours, Annie


  1. This is such a great idea!
    I love using your paint to transform old furniture into something amazing - one of these packs would be great for a small project!


    KT xo

  2. Hello there, I would like to upload pictures of my projects in your MadeItMyOwn gallery but the pics have already been posted on my blog, and some of them have my signature on them, so just wanted to check if that's all right, and not against the rules? Many thanks in advance:)

  3. I use your paint throughout our home. I just love it! The best ever!!