3 October 2016

Simon Olsson's Provence Cabinet.

Blue in all of its beautiful manifestations is dominating interiors at the moment. From dazzling sapphire shades, to subtle sky blues, right down to more moody, inky tones, this versatile shade seems to be everywhere. I love that people are embracing this multi-faceted colour right now. I think one of the reasons is because its so adaptable to almost any style and mood.

My Painter in Residence, Simon Olsson, has adopted one of the blues in my Colour Palette, Provence, as his signature colour. It makes sense that he would have chosen one of my brightest tones as his style is so influenced by the bold jewel-like colours of India.

Simon uses Provence often in his work and one of the greatest examples is this cabinet. Simon chose to create a rustic, chippy finish to create a sense of history.


When Simon first came across this cabinet, he wanted to lighten the dark wood and yet still keep it close to its Indian roots – and so Provence was the perfect colour choice. To create texture he used my Pure Bristle Brush, moving in all directions and applying the paint thickly. When the paint had dried he used coarse sandpaper to chip away at the paint work, creating that beautiful worn away patina. To finish the look, he covered the whole piece in a fine coat of clear Chalk Paint® Wax.

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Yours, Annie


  1. I can't seem to order online. Am I missing a step?

    1. Hi Wendy, have you been in touch with your local Stockist? I'd always suggest buying through them first.