12 December 2016

Annie Sloan Christmas Shelfie: Painted Wreath!

Introducing my Christmas Shelfie!

This week I'll be sharing six quick and easy, small projects that you can recreate at home to give your house a festive feel. They all look wonderful sat upon a fireplace mantelpiece, or on a living room shelf.

Today I'm sharing the first project - the painted wreath!

What you need: 
  • Christmas Wreath (This wreath was beautifully made by the wonderfully talented Lucy who works in my shop on the Cowley Road, Oxford. She is a florist and made this wreath out of the catkins of an alder tree.)
  • Chalk Paint® - As you know, I'm all about colour so the shades I chose to paint this wreath are of course, bold and bright! I chose Giverny, Antibes Green, Emperor's Silk and Florence, colours that I knew would stand out against the brown of the catkins.
  • Small Artist Brushes- These are perfect for getting in to all of those nooks and crannies. 

All there is to it, is to get painting! Try to distribute the colours evenly around the wreath to get them all work together in harmony. 


And voila! My finished wreath!

I love the way it has turned out, it stills looks natural and rustic, but adds a little colour to the room. It's going to take pride of place above my mantel shelf - which I'll be revealing later today on my Facebok page

Come back tomorrow to see the second piece that I've created for my Christmas Shelfie.



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