13 July 2017

#25Project: Turkey!

Today I'm sharing a completed 25 Project all the way from Turkey! This very worthy venue is a school for deaf-mute children and the space that was chosen to be transformed is the art and drawing room of the school. The picture below shows a rather dated room, with walls covered with gold fabric!

My distributor for Turkey, Meltem of Dama Vintage and the local stockist, Tulay of Eski and Yeni, organised the design and transformation, along with volunteers from the local University and the school. To give the space a lift and to transform it into a creative and colourful room they used Chalk Paint® in a palette of Scandinavian Pink, Antoinette, Provence and Original. Everything was painted, from that gold fabric to the school desks, tables, bookshelves and chairs! I love how they created a tactile, fun and engaging space for the children by using patterns, prints and stripes with the paint. It is now a space that breathes creativity.

The best part of the project is of course, the reveal, and I’m told that this one was very special. The volunteers got a chance to meet the students who used the space and there was great excitement from the children when the freshly painted art room was revealed!

I want to thank every single person involved, from the volunteers to the school, and my Turkish stockists and distributors. Their hard work and patience has really paid off and I hope that the space helps the students creativity to bloom.



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  1. Wow, it looks really awesome, you did perfect job here. No wonder kids are in love with it. Thank you fro sahrig it here and keep posting more of your work