30 June 2020

Rainy Day Rainbow Projects: Part 1

Ways to entertain your children (or kids, how to entertain your parents) at home when it's raining are more important than ever during lockdown. If you’re wondering what crafts to do with children that are educational, fun, and best of all, easy to clean up, then look no further. Let cooped up imaginations run free with these four easy rainbow projects, suitable for children of all ages. 

Project One – by Bailey (12), Orla (9), Eden (4), and Mum, furniture painter Chloe of Maisie's House

The Kempster family have hung these rainbow mobiles outside their door to spread a little joy outside their home, and I love this idea. Sharing your creativity with all your neighbours is the perfect way to bring your friends together, make new ones, and you're sure to be the envy of the street.

For these hanging rainbow mobiles you will need:
  • Chalk Paint® in your favourite rainbow colours (Chloe's clan used Emperor’s Silk, Barcelona Orange, English Yellow, Antibes Green and Napoleonic Blue. She then diluted them with water to make blending, mixing and painting easier)
  • Paper Plates
  • Toilet Rolls
  • String
  • Hole Punch
  • Paint & Brushes
  • Glue Gun
  • PVA Glue
  • Trims (Chloe used a variety of upholstery trim, but ribbon, crepe or tissue paper will also work)
  • Scissors
  • Sequins, glitter and sparkly stuff (optional)


1. Paint a toilet roll in your chosen colour and leave to dry, this will make the main part of your hanging mobile.

2. While that is drying, cut a paper plate in half, then paint in fab rainbow colours! Bailey, Orla and Eden love a bit of sparkle so they also added extra glitter and sequins to the rainbows using PVA glue.

3. Once your rainbow is dry, attach it to the front of the tube using a glue gun (make sure you have an adult to help with this bit).

4. Take your hole punch and make 2 level holes at the top of the toilet roll tube on either side, then thread the string through to create a hanging loop.

5. Get help from your nearby adult and add upholstery trim to the base with a glue gun. You could also use tissue or crepe paper cut into strips, or ribbon, or anything you have lying about. 

6. For extra finishing touches, a trim was fastened to the top of the toilet roll with a glue gun and also glittery stars and sequins were added.

7. Ta- dah your rainbow mobile is finished and is guaranteed to bring a smile to those inside your home – and out, if you make like Chloe’s family and hang yours on the front door to spread some joy.

Project Two – by George (7) and Mum, furniture painter Kate of High Birch Interiors 

George painted this crate for a project his Mum Kate undertook for The Hygiene Bank, a charity which gets much needed toiletries and sanitary products to those in need. It is being used as a collection box in a local supermarket. What a wonderful way to help you community and have fun whilst doing it. 

For George’s Rainbow Crate project you will need:


1. First paint the inside of your crate in your chosen colour. George chose Chalk Paint® in Pure. 

2. Next, use tape to mark off bands of colour. If you’re painting a crate exactly like this one, cover the lower half of all three slats where the different bands of colour will go.

3. Paint above the masking tape. Here, George began by painting stripes of Emperor’s Silk, English Yellow and Giverny. 

4. Allow the paint to dry – perhaps this is a good time to try some maths homework, have lunch, or go for a walk as it will take an hour or so and you don’t want to rush. George recommends a kick-about in the garden! 

5. Once the Chalk Paint® is dry, and before removing the tape, apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax. Use a clean corner of the lint free fabric, or, if you have one, a Wax Brush to apply the wax. Rub the wax into the paint like hand cream rather than painting it on too thickly; less is more. Remove the tape once the wax is applied. 

6. Leave the Chalk Paint® Wax to dry – you can use this time to wash up your brushes, help Mum by tidying your bedroom, check under the bed for monsters (always best done in daylight) and check back in about an hour to make sure the wax is touch dry.

7. Once completely dry, apply tape over the painted stripes ready to paint with your next three colours. Mum, Dad, or any other helpful adult may need to assist at this point. You want the lines to be straight and the tape to be adhered gently enough so as not to remove any paint on removal, but firmly enough to ensure crisp lines. Look how neat the lines on George’s crate are!

8. Repeat step 3 - but this time use Barcelona Orange, Antibes Green, and Paloma (or your chosen colours). You could even use the same three colours but in a different order. DON’T paint the same colours next to one another – if you do this you are very silly and have wasted a lot of time and masking tape.

9. Repeat steps 5 and 6, and when you get to the waxing part make sure to wax the inside of your box too. This will prevent the paint from chipping when you’re getting things in and out of your new treasure chest/memory box/Charity Donation collection point (delete as appropriate).

10. Allow to dry fully then take lots of photos to show your friends and family! Use the hashtags #AnnieSloan and #ChalkPaint if you share on social media for the chance to be featured on Annie’s pages!

That's all for now! Come back for Part 2 here to see more rainbow projects and colourful inspiration. 




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