26 November 2014


On Friday 21st November, Annie Sloan Stockists around the world opened their doors after hours to host special late-night shopping events and promotions for one night only, as part of the global event, #AnnieSloanLate!

#AnnieSloanLate was a night to celebrate and support local businesses. Communities worked together and got together to run demos, hold brocantes and auctions, serve hot food, drink mulled wine and to raise money for charity.

In the UK we raised money for the NSPCC, in Ireland it was for The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation, in the Netherlands we supported Het Vergeten Kind, in South Africa our chosen charity was Hearts of Hope, in Australia it was TLC for Kids, and in Sweden we worked with En Annan Sida Av Sverige. And there were even more local charities that we worked with in different countries across the globe.

Search the hashtag #AnnieSloanLate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see photographs from the events. If you couldn't make it to the event, but would like to make a donation then please visit the Just Giving page, set-up by Sofka who runs my shop in Oxford.

Thank you to everybody who took part and made this event such a success!

Yours, Annie

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