20 June 2015

Annie Sloan Wall Paint & Modern Art Oxford

I am a big fan of Modern Art Oxford  (known for short as MAO). It’s a fantastic space and showcase for contemporary art—and it’s free!

Show and tell
Already this year I’ve been bowled over by Love is Enough* in which artist-curator Jeremy Deller interweaves the life stories, art, and printmaking of American pop art icon Andy Warhol with British Arts & Crafts mover and shaker William Morris (below). 


I went in thinking ‘it’s ridiculous you can’t compare these two artists’, but I came out inspired by the revealing relationships and strange connections of these two prolific and experimental visionaries. I’ve always thought the role of art is to make to you see life in another way and this is what this exhibition—and MAO achieves—time and again.

And yours truly has also been featured here as an artist (back in 1971), as part of an exhibition where I showed a piece of conceptual art after I left university. I can just about recall my piece featuring plastic pigeons placed all around the exhibition space—can’t remember what it was about though I remember feeling very pleased to be involved with such a cutting-edge establishment that champions innovative and ambitious projects!

The perfect paint backdrop
So imagine my delight as I now return full circle to have my paints featured as part of the fabric of this wonderful art gallery. Yes, MAO have chosen my soon-to-be-launched Annie Sloan Wall Paint to grace its interior spaces.

They’ve gone initially for Paris Grey and Graphite, and will be working with other colours for future exhibitions. This is just the beginning and I am thrilled that MAO has chosen to use my paint because it’s local (I am passionate about supporting local businesses), I have had a long association with the place, and it is an exceptional art gallery. As an artist, I can’t recommend it highly enough if you are visiting our unique city.

Wall to Wall Paint
And my new Wall Paint? Well, it’s incredibly strong: it's durable, washable and scrubbable. I designed it to take the hurly burly of home life—in what modern parlance would call 'high traffic areas' (so the museum is a perfect medium!). It’s ideal for kitchen walls, bathrooms, halls and stairways where my decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, perhaps might not hold up as well with kids knocking things around and where you have to re-clean surfaces time and again because of the wear and tear of family life. 

Like Chalk Paint®, it is a water-based paint and it covers really well. I have made sure my new Wall Paint is rich in quality pigments so you get extensive coverage—as well as a lush depth of colour—with every brushstroke. It’s quick-drying too and has a soft matt finish with a hint of sheen. No prep, no splatter, no fuss.

My new paint is tailor-made for my free and expressive approach to painting: you can brush it on as easily as roll it on to achieve a high-quality finish on walls and ceilings. And now, with MAO’s endorsement, I really feel I’m coming back full circle.

Yours, Annie

* The show is now at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery till 6 September.
** My Wall Paint will be available this summer through Annie Sloan Stockists in Europe.


  1. How Fantastic! The museum walls look incredible in Paris Grey. What a tremendous compliment for your paint, your artistic aesthetic, and your business ethics. An all around home run! Now..... please hurry the wall paint to the USA :-)

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  3. Fabulous!!! Must get to this gallery (we are only about an hour from Oxford!) and doesn't it look great in Paris Grey (one of my faves!)...congrats! X

  4. Wonderful for all us Ascp-lovers!
    Congrats and lots of love from Sweden!

  5. Fantastic! Can't wait to get the new Wall Paint on our shores (S. Africa)