2 June 2015

Karen Donnelly's Chalk Paint® Farmscape

A sketch from Karen's Work Book
For Karen Donnelly's second project as Painter in Residence, she up cycled this small chest of drawers by painting a beautiful countryside landscape on to a small chest of drawers, using my paint Chalk Paint®.

You may know that I refer to my paint palette as an artist's palette – with all the colours you need to create your perfect hue. Each colour contains little or no black, this means you can mix colours together and maintain a pure crisp hue – without it becoming murky or dirty.

This project from Karen is a fantastic example of how to use the Chalk Paint® range as an artist's palette. Karen only needed 5 of my colours plus my Pure white to paint this chest of drawers and create the luscious landscape that is full of depth on the front. The colours she chose were Burgundy, English Yellow, Antibes Green, Arles and Graphite.

To finish the piece and protect the surface, Karen used my Clear Soft Wax applied with my wax brush and wiped down lightly with a lint-free cloth.

Have you explored using my colours in a similar way?

Yours, Annie

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, what a lovely lovely piece of furniture and definitely a conservation piece X