25 August 2016

Announcing the #25Project Winners!

From the day I announced the #25Project I have been overwhelmed with the response from Stockists and customers from across the globe, and now the time has finally come for me to reveal the winning 25 community spaces, nominated by you! It was one of the most difficult tasks to whittle down over 300 deserving nominations to just 25, however I am thrilled with the final selection. Each one is completely diverse in its use and size, however the one thread they all have in common, from the kids creche in South Africa to the specialised dementia centre in The Netherlands, is that they are an absolutely vital part of their communities. I feel honoured to be able to assist them in their transformations over the next year, and I cannot wait to share with you all the stories and photos of each deserving and special space.

And without further ado, here are my final 25!

1. ’Jugend und Familiezentrum’ GERMANY

A volunteer run family centre that offers counselling services to families, young and old.

2. ’Remember Us’ IRELAND

A social group offering activities and support for people with special needs.

3. ’Centrum Voor Wonen En Zorg Heerma’ - THE NETHERLANDS

Specialised care and housing for dementia patients.

4. ’Studio Artes’ AUSTRALIA

A unique organisation that provides tailor-made creative activities and life skills for adults living with a wide range of disabilities.

5. ’Lawrence House Hinckley’ ENGLAND

Provides a safe and secure environment for homeless young people.

6. ’Tea Room Chateau Rocher-Portail’ FRANCE

A listed building that is turning into a public access museum and community space.

7. ’Muscatine Centre for Social Action’ USA

Providing emergency and temporary shelter, basic health care, educational and support services for those in need.

8. ‘Centre for Mestring’ DENMARK

‘Centre for Coping’ offers rehabilitation, education, activity and support for adults with mental health issues.

9. ‘East End Studio Gallery’ USA

Community based non profit organisation whose mission is to provide a platform for artistic expression in the community.

10. ‘Public Library of Sindos’ GREECE

A public library that was a former private school donated to the people of Sindos for public use.

11. ’Raglan Village Hall Association’ WALES

An association that works to improve availability, quality and use of community spaces in Raglan.

12. ‘Ottawa Community Housing’ CANADA

Providing housing and shelter to people with special needs across many communities in the city of Ottawa.

13. Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative’ SCOTLAND

Community group dedicated to providing local children with clubs, activities, nursery and education.


A home from home to cancer patients receiving treatment and care.

15. ’19 Carter Community Centre’ USA

This old church space has been lovingly turned into a dedicated community space for the local neighbourhood.

16. ‘Culture House of Nagymaros’ HUNGARY

An historical community centre in the city of Nagymaros used by locals for decades.

17. ‘School for the Deaf’ TURKEY

Providing education and support for the hard of hearing.

18. ‘Beachlands Community Centre’ NEW ZEALAND

A thriving community hub in a friendly and welcoming setting providing art and craft classes for all tastes and skill levels.

19. ‘Public Psychological and Pedagogical Advisory’ POLAND

A public space offering support and healthcare in the city of Katowice.

20. ‘Inthandokazi Creche’ SOUTH AFRICA
Dedicated educational space for young children to learn and play.

21. ‘Specialised Day Centre’ GREECE

A space for people dealing with psychological issues in the community.

22. ‘Hindas Station’ SWEDEN

Culture centre for public use, which holds various activities such as art classes and theatre groups for children.

23. ‘Kubono Kids Agri-Garden’ JAPAN

A specialised learning centre for children, specifically focused on educational gardening and horticulture .

24. ‘Village Hall in Swiatniki Gore’ POLAND

After being left to ruin, this community space will now become a place for children and adults.

25. ‘Centro De dia San Fracisco’ SPAIN

A vital and thriving community space in the heart of Spain.

I think you’ll agree that each space is very deserving of a transformation, and along with the help of their local Annie Sloan Stockist, volunteers and my paint and products, these community buildings will remain a vastly important part of their neighbourhood.

Check back in with me to see the transformations unfold, I cannot wait to get started with each one of the 25 spaces, so make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using #25Project.

Yours, Annie


  1. So very glad that help combined with creativity found the right goals people and places!

  2. Thank you thank you Annie Sloan for your authenticity and supporting community, independent business & shop local. Marshall, Michigan is honored to have been selected. It's a small world and we're all connected.

  3. Bravo!! I wish I could volunteer at each one! Very heartwarming. Proud to be part of the AS family!

  4. Happy for the winners, although a bit sad for Herguijuela del Campo in Salamanca, Spain,a community who was really willing to make a change in the daily life and cannot count on any goubernamental support.

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