10 February 2017

#25 Project Transformation 6: South Africa!

Three little ones enjoying their new crèche! 

Welcome to the first #25Project transformation of 2017! I can't think of a better project to start off the new year with than this one from South Africa.

Intandokazi crèche in the Nkobongo Township was in desperate need of attention when it was nominated for a transformation. Even though owner Dudu had made every effort to create a safe and fun learning space for the 92 children in her care, the crèche was still in a sorry state. What did shine through the photos I saw was the love Dudu has for each of the little ones that arrived day after day, so it's just perfect that a place that means 'most loved' has been given a new lease of life thanks to the work of over 50 incredible volunteers – and a whole lot of paint!

The incredibly humble and hardworking Dudu behind her favourite Barcelona Orange door
The crèche before the transformation
Although filled with love, the space was in dire need of attention. 
The space before.
The transformation begins! Along with the local community and local counsellors, the team was joined by stockists, customers and distributors from all over South Africa.
I love how joyful and colourful these photos are!
The incredible volunteers get started.
Bright and bold colours bring cheer and joy! 
The place is ready! Those colourful hooks were once workshop boards from a stockist of mine.

All the children and staff from the crèche in front of the amazing mural the volunteers painted.

The amount of work put in by the army of volunteers has been staggering. Inside and out has been completely remodelled, with walls knocked down, insulation installed, new floors, doors and windows, and even a new roof! It just goes to show that with just a little kindness, a whole world can be transformed.

Not only that, but this is just the beginning for this little crèche. There are big plans afoot to create a new playground, improve the sanitation and water facilities plus much, much more. I personally want to thank each and every person involved, and cannot wait to keep up with all the ongoing work that Dudu has planned! 




  1. Wow! That's wonderful. Lovely to see the South African spirit too.

  2. This 25Project transformation of 2017 is looking impressive. I myself really wants to be a part of noble causes and work voluntary for some needy people. Keep on doing good work mate.

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