25 February 2017

The final projects from my Painter in Residence, Hanayuishi Takaya

As his residency draws to a close, I wanted to share some more images from my Painter in Residence Hanayuishi Takaya in Japan.

I've adored having him as my Painter in Residence – his artistry is unlike anything I have seen before. The Cube Headdresses above have been so beautifully crafted. I love how the painted cubes look like they are precariously tumbling. Mr Takaya hand painted each side of each cube in a different Chalk Paint® colour. The end result is whimsical, sweet and full of quirky character.

He replicated this effect in the image below where he painted squares of colour on the wall, making the perfect backdrop for his floral work.

So, a final thank you to the incredible Mr. Takaya and his fabulous work with my paint and products. In case you missed them, do also take a look at at his other painted projects: his Floral Furniture Headdresses and Man with Koi.

I will be announcing my next Painter in Residence very soon. Watch this space and do make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more!





  1. Ok this is cute post, your painter did well here. Hats off to him. Thank you for sharing such beautiful post with us

  2. Children in the pictures seems a bit scared as if they don’t know what is happening. Painting cubes sounds so difficult. I am wondering how these so many cubes were painted. Very creative and colorful pictures.