2 March 2017

#25 Project Transformation 7: Hinckley, UK!

This great 25 Project transformation comes to you from the North of England. Hinckley Homeless Group has provided services for local young homeless since 1992. The wonderful work that they do, providing a safe and secure place for those in need, shows through the people who work there but unfortunately the communal lounge was in need of a little love and attention.

My Stockists came together for this transformation, including the wonderful Chalk and Linen Atherstone, Izzy Loops, and Chalk and Linen Coleshill. What I love about this whole project is that the style was dictated by the young residents, who wanted an industrial look inspired by London.

My stockists after all their hard work! Thank you! 
Using an industrial London look they've created a cool communal space. 
Volunteers and Stockists busy at work! 
I think I'll let the photos speak for themselves as you can see what incredible hard work and dedication went into this project.

Russ from Chalk and Linen made some incredible pieces of furniture by hand from scaffolding! 
Lots of work went in to the cushions and curtains, using my fabrics and Coloured Linen. 

The finished room, including Coloured Linen cushions, new curtains and hand made scaffolding furniture!
I hear that the residents are thrilled with their cool new communal area, which is what this whole project is all about after all. I want to say a big thank you to the volunteers and stockists who took part for all of their incredible work! 




  1. I love those pillows. What fabric did you use and how did you get them frayed on the ends? If you don't mind sharing that info. Please and Thank you. Sheila

    1. Hi Thisisme! The fabrics are my Coloured Linens. You can read more about them on my website or contact your local Annie Sloan Stockist to buy them. Creating the frayed ends is easy. Just take a look at my tutorial here: https://www.anniesloan.com/techniques/how-to-make-a-tassel-fringed-cushion

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  2. Ok you people did amazing job here, although I loved the angel feather paint on the wall and would have asked to keep that but over all good stuff. Thank you for sharing it