14 March 2017

#25Project Transformation 8: Viborg, Denmark!

Today I'm sharing the 8th transformation from the #25Project - from The Center for Mestring in Viborg, Denmark. The centre offers rehabilitation, education and activities for local people with mental health difficulties.

Users of the centre have access to the wonderful 'Recycle' workshop where the users get to paint, recycle and upcycle anything they can get their hands on, they then hold exhibitions to showcase and sell their work. The 'Recycle' garage space was the focus for the #25Project makeover, as it was an old, dark and uninspiring space in desperate need of some attention.

The project got off to a wonderful start with a workshop for users and volunteers, hosted by Claus and Jacob of C. Frohns Brugskunst, the local stockist based in Høvjslev. After the workshop the users got together to collaboratively create a vision board for the space and to discuss the changes that they'd like to make to the decor.

And haven't they done a fab job? I love the chairs that have been upholstered in my Coloured Linen, they look so cosy and comfortable. That mural, drawn by Anne who uses the centre, is excellent too. I love the owl, and the tree painted in Chalk Paint® in Honfleur and Amsterdam Green.

I love that this was a collaborative project from start to finish, and that the users of the centre now not only have the space to create but also new skills too! Well done and thank you to all involved!




  1. This is fabulous.What beautiful vibrant colours. This is definitely what is needed in the UK. A centre that assists those with mental health difficulties. What an excellent initiative. Those with mental health difficulties are being denied what they need in the UK. This is the answer. This is definitely the way to go Denmark. Well done!!!

  2. This is a great initiative that your center has taken to impart skills to the mentally sick people. They are often ignored part of the society. Look what wonderful things they have created with little attention.