18 August 2017

#25 Project: Methilhill, Scotland!

Are you ready for some bright and cheerful colour? Well, I have just the thing with this 25 Project from Scotland!

This is 'Charlie's Shed' in Methilhill, an eastern coastal town in Scotland. This space is now a cafe for the local community who use the youth club next door.

I love that the space is used as an after school club and a community cafe, and that they also hold skill building and family centric workshops there. 'Charlie's Shed' was built within the Methilhill Community Learning Garden in 2016 as the next part of their continually growing project. The idea is that this space will also be a place that offers cookery classes using the produce grown in the local garden.

Before the transformation began, the local community were consulted by my stockists based in Kirkcaldy, the wonderful Lorraine and Nadia of Love Restored. Everyone who wanted to be involved spoke about how they'd like to see the space looking. I love that the final look reflects this, with the main look being all about fun!

A total rainbow of a room, most of my brightest colours were used, including English Yellow, Emperor's Silk, Antibes Green and Napoleonic Blue. The tables and chairs in the cafe were all painted and given a coat or two of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to protect it from food stains and spills.

The real works of art, however, are on those wooden walls. A big beautiful rainbow, adorable sprouting mushrooms and that huge tree were all painted in Chalk Paint. I especially love the stencils incorporated throughout, including my Stencil in Classical Bird that seem to be fluttering away!

I want to thank all the people involved in making this transformation happen, and I especially want to say a big thank you to all the children who helped with the painting too! Well done to everybody!




  1. I would like to know if it is safe to do a kitchen table with chalk paint and what is the best technic? thank you

  2. Its really really beautiful and charming i love to see this painting colors, a color theory class should show you how the colors behave, for example, wWhat is happening when you mix them, which colors are cool or warm or explain the color wheel.

  3. Good afternoon!!!
    I work a week to cut paint and sew my cushions and I am very happy to finished them today.How can I post them here?
    They are 7 pieces.
    Thank you in advance for your reply!
    have a wonderful Monday
    Artemis Xanthopoulou(mrs)