4 August 2017

#25Project: Sendai, Japan!

Here is something special now, a 25 Project all the way from Japan! When I visited this extraordinary country in 2015, I was welcomed with open arms and came away with the most wonderful memories, so it was such a thrill to see these photos land in my inbox!

The project took place on a farm in Sendai, where a space was being built for children affected by the tsunami in 2011. This building was built by the community and painted using my paints.

The Kubono Community Association, along with the children who will benefit from the space, used Chalk Paint® to add bright, cheery personality to the furniture and walls, really making it their own. I love how the structure of the building is very typically Japanese in style, and yet the colour combinations they chose, like Henrietta and English Yellow, are so playful!

Here are a few photographs from Sendai that I feel really tell the story of how this community came together:

I'm sure you'll agree that these photos are very special, and I feel very proud of my stockists in Japan for being such wonderful ambassadors and leaders in their community.

I want to give the last word to the community of volunteers involved in this project, who told me the following:

"In 11th of March 2011, we lost so many friends, families and so many things by the huge earthquake and Tsunami, but now we stand up for our bright future. We are appreciated for having experience such a kind project. Volunteers enjoyed painting and was full of smiles. We are so proud of being chosen the project as a representative in Japan, and we are looking forward to using this space."

If you'd like to read more stories like this from my 25 Project, search #25Project on this blog.



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  1. Such a wonderful story and amazing country! I have always been fond of Japan and the people have always been so nice whenever I read about them. It is just amazing to see how so many people have such memorable experiences there.