2 February 2018

My latest Painter in Residence: Hester van Overbeek!

I am so thrilled to introduce my latest Painter in Residence to you all, the wonderful Hester van Overbeek! Some of you may already know Hester from her blog and YouTube channel, Hester's Handmade Home.

I have been working with Hester for a while now - check out her 'Meet the Maker' interview with me here. Her work is always equal parts accessible and inspirational and her books are jam-packed with projects, hacks and ideas!

Originally from the Netherlands, Hester has been based in the UK for 14 years, 5 of those in the seaside town of Ramsgate. Along with her partner, there's also Kermit the dog and the brand new arrival of gorgeous Kiki, her newborn baby girl!

Hester says: "I have been making things all my life, my mum taught me how to work with fabric and my dad showed me woodwork and power tools. I spend my free time as a child sewing up little felt toys, clothes for my barbies and sawing out little wooden figurines out of leftover timber.

I love being a Painter in Residence. I love a Nordic look and easy transformations that don’t cost a lot of money to achieve. I hope you will enjoy my projects and that they inspire you to get the paints and fabric out and start making."

I'm so excited to share the projects that Hester has created as part of her residency with you. Keep an eye on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page: @anniesloanhome to see Hester's first project! 

Yours excitedly, 



  1. i love your way of writing you take house painting blogs into some level thanks for sharing the article

  2. I wanna White-wash raw butcher block (wood)countertop for my kitchen w/Annie Sloan white. Is your wax suitable for holding-up to water in this type of application?

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  4. New to the upcycling world and have done lots of research, Annie Sloan definately came out the best. Now to take on some projects, wont be as good as yours Hester but I have to start and you gave me inspiration to do this. Thank you.

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