27 January 2013

  Cuba Colour 


Provence + Greek Blue + Old White 

Barcelona Orange
Scandinavian Pink with some Emperors Silk

French Linen
The colour of the car with the yellow and deep red in the background
Primer Red 

English Yellow
The car has a top of Aubusson Blue
For the main part with the car I'd make a greenish grey with Paris Grey mix with some Chateau Grey. The chrome lines are terrific too - maybe with some aluminium leaf. 

Old Violet
Greek Blue with Old White
 Streets in Havana are full of colour and beautiful architecture and all unspoilt by absolutely NO advertising, road markings and all the usual things that spoil streets in the rest of the world.
So refreshing and inspiring.


  1. Seeing the world in Annie Sloan colours. Love it!


  2. Oh...the first photo is my favorite Annie!! Love those colors...so soothing.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  3. Annie, looks like you enjoyed some wonderful inspiration while in Cuba. Thank you for sharing that inspiration with us :0)

    Stiltskin Studios

  4. Beautiful and so inspiring, Annie!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, love the Cuban colors,
    this paint is wonderful,


  6. hi Annie =- your trip looks wonderful. I love how you see colour everywhere. my mum was like that but with fabric (not paint) and I see furniture everywhere - I suppose its whatever your passion is. So excited about you coming to Australia and wishing you every success here!
    Fiona xx

  7. Beautiful Colours & Inspirations. Loving your Blog

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  9. Lovely blog! I'm really inspired to get my own one started.
    Emma (chalkinteriors.com)

  10. I really love all the colors from both posts. Beautiful. esp. the blues

  11. Always wanted to visit Cuba. Looks an amazing sensory experience. Your colours are perfect for the textures of the old buildings. Stunning. Minerva ~

  12. So beautiful and inspiring - I've wanted to go there for such a long time, just me and my camera! Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photos depicting the colors of Havana.........and me a neutral gal to boot!!!

    I'm loving your paint Annie - it's gradually taking over my home!

    Happy Spring - Mary

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