21 February 2013


We have just started selling Chalk Paint® and my other products in Australia and New Zealand so I was in Melbourne and Sydney last week training the eight new stockists we have. 
And what a great bunch they were!  

Colours & Iron Lace

I was born in Sydney on the harbour in Cremorne and then later lived about 30 minutes north of Sydney until I was 10 years old, when my family took me kicking and screaming to live in England.
Early memories make a lasting impression. I remember well the old buildings, ironwork and lovely verandahs. 

Iron Lace is the beautiful iron work decorating the houses of Australia

Burgundy Red & Aubusson Blue

Victorian colours picking out the different parts of the decoration

I remember old houses like this in Sydney - green and cream 
Old Ochre 
Primer Red

I am so very thrilled that my paint is now in Australia & New Zealand - coming home!  
If you want to know who the stockists are visit my web site below. 


  1. Seeing the world through Annie Sloan coloured glasses...Love it!

  2. This is beautiful. Really enjoyed catching up with your blog. What a great painting. There were so many amazing views - I could have painted many more too.
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  3. Congratulations on expanding to Australia and New Zealand, how exciting. I am having so much fun experimenting with your paints. This week I have painted, wood, brass, glass, felt and leather. Nothing is safe now, I am painting everything, and having an amazing time. Your products are not sold where I live so I have to travel 4 hours to get it, but it is worth it. Don't know how I managed without your chalk paint before, it has opened up a whole new world to me. thank you Tobey

  4. I just know that OZ and NZ must be over the moon now they can buy your paint locally.................Sydney IS a wonderful city, can imagine any child kicking and screaming when told they were moving to rainy old England!! Being English though I'm glad you settled in OK - I was in Sydney and other OZ towns last year and would love to spend more time there some day.

    Congratulations Annie - worldwide ASCP!!!

    Mary - (now in North Carolina - and can buy paint from The Two Old Birds just up the street - I'm spoiled!).

  5. I am so excited to find your paints here in Sydney.
    I bought some this week and can't wait to begin my first project!
    We have a Victorian terrace and I know it will be transformed with your gorgeous paints:)
    Thank you:)

  6. Decals work better if you apply them to a gloss surface instead of a flat one.
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  7. I've noticed on your Australasia site you don't have any stockists in Victoria, is there any chance this will change soon?

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