9 March 2013

I'm Missing France

We haven't been to France for a while so I started thinking about the houses and the colours.  So much so that tonight we are off to France to our house in Normandy. We'll probably get frostbite - there is no heating in the house except a big log fire, some 'slow to have effect' electric heaters and hot water bottles.  It'll take ages to warm the house and then well be coming home. 

But the colours will be good 
and the patinas That'll keep me warm...
Positive colour but so beautifully toned it doesn't look loud or shouty.  
This is in the north of France on the Normandy coast - in historic and ancient Honfleur - it was under English rule in the 14th century, it's  where French settlers left to for Quebec in 1608, and many of the Impressionists lived and worked in the area 
Coco with some Old White might do it or even some Paloma in it ? 
Greek Blue and some Old White or maybe some Louis Blue 
Of course the shape of the door is beautiful and the lamp post looks like Louis Blue. The top of the widow has a very pale Paloma look about it - interesting combinations I think. 
Country Grey 
French Linen
Old White door and dirtied and slightly whitened Greek Blue
Old Ochre and make the green with maybe Florence and French Linen 
This is the town of Eymet in Aquitaine and one of the old Bastide towns - meaning they are medieval fortified villages. They are little changed and quite magical.  This one is one of the most touristy.  I was there to run a workshop for a stockist of mine. 
Provence - the shutters are this colour 
The shutter catch on a house in Bergerac although they are seen all over France. 

Olive or Chateau Grey mix with Provence

                                      à bientôt, Annie !

                                  ( see you soon) 

PS . Have a look at our list of stockist in France - distributed by Claire in Brittany.  We have a new one in Cherbourg.... yippee! 


  1. Great to see our village of Eymet featured, the square is so pretty especially on market day when there are no cars on the village square.

    Have a great time in France,

    p.s. I just finished painted an antique dessert in old white which looks fab!

    1. Yes it is lovely. I did a workshop nearby and stayed in Eymet at a lovely B&B.

  2. Hello Annie,

    Another lovely post filled with color inspirations!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    ps...very much looking forward to seeing you again in NOLA!!!

  3. Oh this is gorgeous beyond words! So envious! I wish I could just hop over to my place in France, lol!!

    I must make a journey to that area. Being from Quebec, I'm sure I have some ancestors from there. How interesting it would be.

    This inspires me to experiment with French Linen and blue combinations.

    And that shutter catcher is too pretty.


    1. You would love Le Havre, beautiful place so put it on your list!
      I have a Pinterest board in French you might like http://pinterest.com/anniesloanhome/pour-les-français/

      Annie x

  4. Beautiful images and color inspiration and tidbits of recipes...cannot wait for you new book my girl.

  5. Lovely colours of La Belle France. It would be nice to see some inspirations of our part of the Loire near Saumur, wonderful warm tuffeau stone and glistening white chateaux.

    1. Good idea!! I'll think about that and get on it! Annie

  6. I love the outdoor use of your Chalk Paints and have been contemplating use them this way for awhile. American Tour 2012

    It would mean so much if you could stop by and see the different ways I am using Annie Sloan in my home! xox, Heather


  7. Nice colour check this blog for more http://3dpowervisualoutsource.blogspot.com

  8. Hi Annie,
    Thank you so much for coming by my blog and commenting on my chalk paint dye projects. I appreciate you taking the time to visit! I'm wanting to do a rug next. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your products and books. You have been an inspiration to so many of us.
    Cheers! Tina @ What We Keep

  9. I love your work Annie! I'm living in Bavaria currently and want to know where the closest place to get some chalk paint is? Also, I was thinking about taking one of your workshops in the future. Do you know where the closest one in Bavaria, Germany is? Maybe I'll have to make a trip to London! Thanks so much!

    -Brittany Ruth

  10. I hope you are having a wonderful time in France. We are off to the Champagne region at the end of May. I can't wait - The COLOURS!
    My sister, this past weekend, attended a course in Wales on the use of your paints. That's all she has talked about, with great enthusiasm since. Can't wait to get started!
    A new convert!

  11. Hi Annie
    Can I paint my couch ( beige ) white ( pure )
    I know you can paint fabric but just wondering if I can go from a darker color to a lighter one?
    Dear God there are times I curse the day I found your product LMAO
    but most days I'm thrilled I did!
    Big Hugs from Montreal
    ( a friend of Sweet Caroline's )
    You can see what I wear when I paint with your product here

  12. I love French Linen, my friend Vanessa who attended your workshop in Virginia last year, painted and distressed an antique French kitchen island piece for me - has a back, a pot shelf underneath and dainty casters - love it so much. It was such an ugly yellow wood in its previous life!

    My brother, another of those ex-pats from the UK - lives in the Languedoc. Next time I visit I want to see Normandy and Brittany too. I know Honfleur is a beautiful place.

    Best wishes - Mary in North Carolina

  13. Lovely village and color pallets. Thank you!

  14. Eymet, c'est une ville que j'aime beaucoup ! Je tente votre peinture bientôt sur la vieille rampe de mon escalier ancien...
    Sandra from France !
    Sandy's inspiration

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