25 September 2015

From Painter in Residence Tim Gould

"My name is Tim Gould and I work under the name Objectables. A couple of years ago, whilst looking for a new kitchen table I found that it is was impossible to buy anything which hadn't been “improved”. The improvements were usually a slap of paint and what appeared to be a technique of blindfolding yourself, spinning round a few times then attacking the item with a power sander. I was informed by one of the many junktique dealers in the area that these improvements were bringing out the character of the furniture and that character cost quite a lot of money. I felt that maybe I could improve my own table (if I could find an unimproved one) and I wondered what would happen if an unloved bit of furniture really did have it's real character brought out. This led me to develop a technique using homemade vinyl stencils to apply text to the furniture and give it a voice of its own. I also relied heavily on the traditional paint and blindfolding method.

And Annie's paint? 

Through my work as a set builder I had a bit of knowledge on paint techniques but I found a couple of Annie's books really helpful in getting me to a good level and I learned some really good tips. I got a website together showing a few of my first efforts and I was lucky to get mentioned in the Mad About The House blog. Annie saw my pieces and was kind enough to contact me with some nice words about my work which at that early stage was a real incentive to keep going. In the beginning I was just using any old paint left over from various jobs and projects but working with Annie's paint has really developed my style as its unique qualities offer you much more scope than regular paint.

What you’ll see from me

The core of my work will still be coming from the furniture and my search for its character but I will be trying to build on that with these pieces. I feel the point of the Painters in Residence projects is to try to stretch the capabilities of Chalk Paint® so I will endeavour to do that in my work. I will be working with some geometric patterns and will try to use some of the brighter colours in the range as I generally work in black (sometimes grey if I am being crazy). I'm really excited about the chance to experiment on some stuff and see what interesting results I can produce."

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  1. I enjoyed meeting you in Oxford and look forward to seeing more of your work.

    1. Kathy! I think Tom will be showing some very different ways of painting furniture! A little cheeky!

    2. Kathie, I hope I don't disappoint. I really enjoyed the processes and think some good stuff came of it. Hope you like.

    3. Or should I have signed off

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