2 October 2015

Tim Gould's "G Plan" table

The first project from my latest Painter in Residence, Tim Gould, is this fabulously witty table – painted in my paint, Chalk Paint®!

Tim bought this table from a man advertising it as "G Plan". On closer inspection, Tim suspected this may not have been true, which inspired him to write the words on the top. Tim always starts his projects by creating the design for his piece of furniture on Adobe Illustrator. He then prints his designs out on to vinyl – creating the stencils that he'll use on the piece. 

As this is a mid-century style piece of furniture, Tim used a retro palette of Emperor's Silk, Florence, Provence and Arles to create the stripes that run across the table legs and the slats below. The same colours are used on the intersecting geometric pattern that frames the typography on the table top. The typography is Pure White – a crisp white that forms a stark contrast against the wood. Tim finished the piece by applying Clear Soft Wax – the first coat was brushed on before the stencil was removed to avoid any shift in colour. A second coat was applied after the stencil was removed to make the piece really durable.
Have you ever used Chalk Paint® to give your furniture a voice?

Yours, Annie

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  1. I love this piece💗💗👍👍👍

  2. Well how about that? I think you should start creating more of them and then sell it because it’s beautiful!


  3. I like pieces that have a personality AND Make me laugh