18 December 2015

The 12 Crafts of Christmas - No.7: Papier-mâché Lettering

For the seventh of my 12 Crafts of Christmas, I'm sharing these letters that have been made from papier-mâché and finished with my paint, Chalk Paint®, Copper Leaf and Dark Wax. These were made by Amy who works with me at Annie Sloan HQ. Amy studied Fine Art and used a lot of typography in her work, so this was the perfect project for her!

Amy started by printing her letters off, and then cut 2 of each letter out of cardboard. She then rolled up strips of cardboard, about an inch wide, to create spacers to sit between each letter cut-out, and attached them using masking tape. (See picture below.)

Using strips of newspaper, Amy covered the letters in newspaper, gluing the paper down with my Decoupage Glue and Varnish. This worked brilliantly as the glue really hardens the newspaper and makes a good surface to work on later. It also dries very quickly, which means you can begin painting the same day!

Using Florence from the Chalk Paint® palette, Amy painted the letters using one of my Pure Bristle Brushes to create lots of texture. Once dry, she painted the top surface with Gold Size, allowed the size to dry for 10-15mins and then applied Copper Leaf which she has crumpled in her hands. She finished by applying Clear Wax to the letters, and then worked Dark Wax in to bring out the texture and create an aged look.

Have you been using any of my paint or products this Christmas? I'd love to see your projects!

Yours, Annie

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