16 December 2015

Tim Gould's "WOW" Side table

The third project from my fantastic Painter in Residence, Tim Gould, is this mid-century side table, painted with my paint, Chalk Paint® to create a geometric pattern that spells out the word "wow".

Tim started by painting the side table in Pure – a cool clean white from the Chalk Paint® palette – that creates a crisp contrast with bright colours. As the paint dried, Tim worked on his amazingly fun stencilled detail. The pattern for the piece was created in Adobe Illustrator, and is made up of individual stencils which piece together to create an overall image.

Using his stencils, Tim began to paint the triangle shapes in. He started at the right end of the sideboard, using my colours Henrietta and Florence to work from right to left, along the front of the sideboard. He added a little Pure to each colour as he worked to create a gradient – going from dark to light, right to left.

Tim sealed his masterpiece with my Clear Soft Wax, and then, to give the paintwork character and texture, he lightly sanded the painted triangles back to reveal a little of the Pure below. One last coat of wax to seal et voila!

Yours, Annie

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