20 January 2016

Tim Gould's Objectabletable

Here's the latest project from my British Painter in Residence, Tim Gould. You might remember that he works as an artist under the name Objectables. Well, here he's created the Objectabletable – a table with attitude!

This cheeky piece of furniture has its own Twitter account (@objectabletable) and it undergoes constant makeovers, highlighting the way that people share their opinions across social media channels – and everyone knows how much I love social media!

Tim tends to work with stencils and always creates his own. For this, he created the lettering on his computer and printed it out on vinyl. He gave the table top a light sand to remove any varnish before applying his stencil. He then created a stain with my paint in Graphite – diluting the paint and applying it onto the surface before wiping it away almost instantly. Tim did this three times, gradually leaving a build-up of colour around the stencil. He applied a bit more paint in some areas to create an uneven patina.

I love the legs on this table too – he painted them with a pattern made of hashtags, again in Graphite. He also gilded the edge of the table in with silver leaf. Tim then finished the piece with a couple of coats of my Clear Soft Wax.

So what do you think? Are you going to tweet anything to Objectabletable? Maybe it will tweet you back!

Yours, Annie

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