20 March 2020

Self-isolation soul soothing projects: Part 1

Greetings, Chalk Paint® community! Tidings from self-isolation, Day 4, Oxford, UK. I have been umm-ing and aah-ing about writing this blog – I know that I am in a privileged position and that whilst for many of us the Coronavirus pandemic represents inconvenience and discomfort, for others it is a matter of life and death.

So I’m here today with suggestions for those who find Chalk Paint® relaxing, who enjoy creative pursuits as an outlet for stress, and who want to remain busy during their quarantine. The purpose is not to capitalise at a time of tragedy – I am not suggesting anybody stock pile Chalk Paint® - my Stockists, however, are among the vulnerable group whose future now feels very uncertain. All small independent business owners are suddenly faced with a landscape completely unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. If you can, please give them your support. Find your local Stockist here and ring ahead to check what measurements they have in place to protect you, themselves and their staff, and the wider community at this difficult time. Many are offering curb-side paint collection, phone payments and even deliveries. Perhaps you can pick up Chalk Paint® for yourself and a neighbour! It’s a time to think of one another  and to stay in touch with those around us, especially the elderly, the less mobile, and oh my goodness all of you with children to entertain.

So! What I’m saying is, Chalk Paint® might not be the first thing on your agenda, but it is my area of expertise, it does help people to relax and unwind, and colour really can spread joy. So this blog is a compilation of projects you might be able to do – the first projects are ones you might need to nip out and get paint for. The next blog I am publishing (click here) requires very little paint and are for those of you who are staying at home, desperately searching the internet for ways to entertain yourself, your children, and your anxious mind during these unprecedented times. If you have some old Chalk Paint® lying around, perhaps you can manage one or more of these projects… 

Projects if you can still get to the shop

If you’re still able to get to your local Stockist, perhaps pick up some supplies for projects you can complete if lockdown commences. Prepare for working from home, undertake a larger-scale project, or repaint your walls. 

1) Paint your desk! This is a fun project in terms of being fairly bitesize, not at all complex, and gives a real sense of place to your work from home environment. Choose blues to encourage deep concentration and focus; yellows for sunny optimism and energy; or greens to enable creative problem solving. Use Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to protect. 

2) Paint your office chair! Or your dining chairs. You’ll be surprised once you paint one how many chairs there are in your home which could benefit from a lick of Chalk Paint®. I used Napoleonic Blue on this beauty, then masking taped the bottom of the legs and applied Warm Gold Gilding Wax so the whole thing looked like it had been dipped in molten gold!  

3) Paint the wall behind your new work-station so it’s fresh for video conference calls. Go for a plain backdrop - or if you’re feeling more adventurous and could use the extra help remaining on top of a lot of moving parts, this wall organiser by Hester van Overbeek is a great idea and a fun project to spend an afternoon on. See more on how Hester created this wall planner here

4) Have you got some furniture at home which is looking a little tired? Painting the outside one colour – Chalk Paint® in Antibes Green on the outside in this instance, with Florence on the inside gives extra cheer. These colours give a lovely fresh, botanical feel. Tamsyn Morgans painted this piece with a flat brush to create a less textured finish as she wanted the vivid colours to be the stars of the show. Bring some nature inside when you can’t get out! The blues and greens of open skies and verdant flora. Good for the soul! 

5) You may even think this is the time to try a really big project: painting kitchens, painting floors, and painting stairs are all big jobs which will make a huge difference in your home and will keep you busy for hours. That sense of creative satisfaction could be just the ticket as the days become weeks. 

I’ve collated these projects for those who are able to get to their local Stockist, however I know not everybody is able to do so. CLICK HERE if local guidelines recommend you don't leave the house – I’ve come up with some projects you can hopefully achieve utilising just Chalk Paint® remnants you have around the house.  




  1. I am just loving number 4! I have a really old bookcase made from a dining table that this would be perfect for! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Your blog was well written. Your thoughtfulness and caring heart really came through. Though I don't have any chalk paint on hand at the moment, and the nearest stockist is not very near, I appreciate your post very much. Yes, color and being creative does ease stress and is good for the soul.