6 November 2011

Antibes Green 
If you want to know how to say like a real frenchie  then listen to this - http://www.forvo.com/word/antibes    

Early 20th century art is where I constantly return to  for sustenance 

Antibes is one of the towns between Nice and Cannes in the  French Riviera .  Now there are billionaires yachts  moored in the harbour but it still retains a certain magic and when I visited there a few years ago I cried when I had to leave. .... 
                                       The light is incredible......  colours do seem to glow and shimmer 
Two paintings by Raoul Dufy 

No wonder  Antibes was favoured by so many really famous artists in the late 19th & early 20th century. 
Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Bonnard, Derain, and many others worked and lived there. 

Picasso on the left and  Cap d'Antibes by  Monet on the right
This is what made me want to call my brilliant green Antibes.


  1. Love, love, love. Your paint colors. American Tour 2012

  2. Antibes is a truly magical place I think, I love it also. And remembering back to when I was there this zinging green was one of the impressions I kept. So glad to have found your paint version! Minerva ~