9 November 2011

More on Antibes Green
- And Neo-Classicism 

Karl Friedrich Schinkel is one of my heroes !! 
Look at one of his rooms done about 1826 for the Charlottenhof Palace, Potsdam, Germany

Look at that green!!! 
 Neo-Classical Colours and inspiration - taken from my book 'Creating the French Look' 
This style of decoration takes the classical themes from ancient Greece and Rome. 
It is simple and symmetrical 
( as against the pastel coloured, romantic, sometimes flowery  twiddly asymmetry of the rococo style) 

This is a room by David Hicks the English interior decorator from a room that was probably done in the 1960s or 70s yet it is timeless - could have been yesterday as could have the Schinkel bedroom.  
Neo-classical is the way to go

Graphite and Antibes Green


  1. It's pretty potent stuff isn't it Kathryn!!

  2. i think it is pretty fascinating when something achieves timelessness. why? how? extraordinary x

  3. Annie.. it is such a treasure to be able to visit the world of color through your eyes and mind. Thank You.

  4. Elisa - timeless is so interesting - I think it is unfussy and well classic!!

  5. American Tour 2012 Woo Hoo, I'm coming over for My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia blog and I am a new follower. So excited about your products. Thankfully there is a shop in Asheville that carries your products. I have a secretary I am itching to Paint!! Di@cottage-wishes

  6. American Tour 2012!!! ILOVE your paint! Lookimg forward to following your blog :)

  7. I am the newest follower. Can't wait for the American tour 2012

  8. I am so in love with all your paints. Must get to Dallas to see you. Can't wait

  9. Recently received two of your books and am soooo excited to start using your techniques. Lovely.