14 November 2011

Emperor's Silk 
So why do have a bright red and why do I call it such a funny name?

Because I saw this amazing piece of furniture at Uppark House in West Sussex in the south of England and was blown away by it 

It was the usual rather flat reddish brown I'd seen on other chinoiserie pieces on the outside 
but on the inside it was a vibrant rich red 
This is the colour the piece would have originally been. 
Stunning with a great deal of impact. 
The figures interest me much less than the colour. I sort of ignore them. I want to like them but it doesn't hit the spot for me. 
The colour is what makes it all work for me. 
Emperor's Silk 

 Inside and outside the Forbidden Palace, Beijing 
This bright clear rich red is the colour of China  
It signifies reunion, health, happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity
I now love to use it as often as I can; on chest of drawers, inside drawers, in dressers 
or on the inside of a bureau just as in the picture 
above where I am working now on my computer! 

Country Grey
Old Violet
Emperor's Silk



  1. I just purchased the Old Violet and will be using it soon on a wooden box. Can't wait to use it!


  2. Just painted the interior of my double front doors Emperor's Silk-so awesome-can't wait to see how they look with the wax!

  3. Kris - if it's a box how about using the Old Violet outside and the Emperors Silk on the inside with a little line of Country Frey on the edge?

  4. Susie - enjoy the wax and see how it is with some dark too! Wipe 'off' the clear and see, the rub in the dark then wipe it off immediately. Clean off the excess with the clear so the dark remains in any recesses.

  5. Hey Annie,

    Just purchased these colors and seeing them together makes me want to create some beauty!!

    They are stunning together...you have such an eye for great color combos. You inspire me.

    Enjoy the day,
    Janet xox

  6. Hey Janet!! So very pleased you like the combos -

  7. I am in LOVE with the Primer Red with the dark wax over the top but I will have to try this lovely red too!

  8. Tamara ...that must look like leather?

  9. Red is my favorite color so I would love to do a project with Emperor's Silk. Congratulations on American Tour 2012.

  10. can wait to get my hands on that emperor's silk red paint !
    hope to win your free basket so I could start playing with it
    Hope to catch the glimpse of you at American Tour 2012 :)

  11. American Tour 2012...I am a follower of your blog and I love paint colors ...Congratulations!

  12. American tour 2012... Yes please, I'll put these colors to good use!!! I have some antique furniture in waiting~ I'm a follower as well!

  13. Emperors silk has become my new fascination.

  14. Hello Annie,

    I am about to paint a computer hutch's exterior in emperor's silk to get cool Chinese look. The wood is quite smooth and is already sealed under some type of glaze. I had planned to paint the hutch in your blackish grey color, then emperor's silk, then scuff the corners with sand paper (allowing the black to show), and then wax the whole thing in clear wax. Does it sound like I'm on the right track to get an antique look and properly use your paint?