2 November 2011

     Boho Chic

Short for Bohemian Chic and meaning a bit arty -  suggesting perhaps it is a style which is maybe a little edgy, unconventional and perhaps adventurous with colour. Picture above is a London house - Marie Antoinette goes to Art School I'd say!
Boho Chic is what people say of me and I am rather happy with that.........but don't pigeon hole me....I am many things!
 This is the mantelpiece at Charleston Farmhouse ( see previous posting) - another sort of Boho Chic


  1. Love that wall color!!!!

    Janet xox

    PS...I'm your newest stockist in Virginia..under Celeste!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
    Thank you Annie!

  2. Love it! Yes.....many things I am.....some times it makes my head hurt!

  3. Janet I love it too....its like Provence and with the gold ....I'm inspired to do it on my own room!